Hooray for paper plants

I like to think that there are a lot of things that I can do well. I write well. I drive well. I can cook salmon well. But there is one thing that I can’t do and that is keep plants, especially indoor plants, alive. I’ve tried many times over the years and the end result was pure carnage. So when I came across these gorgeous paper plants that look real, but are unkillable, my heart exploded with joy!

They are the product of talented paper crafter Corrie Beth Hogg and you can find out how to make some of them by visiting The House that Lars Built.





[images sourced via Corrie Beth’s instagram account]

I’m back! (Did you miss me?)

Guys, I didn’t expect to be away from the blog for almost three months (yikes!). I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! Instead of stressing myself out I decided to take a little blogging break in December. I had such a busy end to 2015 freelance writer-wise so instead of trying to juggle everything I decided to let the blog have a bit of a snooze. It was actually a pretty big breakthrough for me – I realised that it’s important to have some stress-free down time and it really did me some good.

But I’m back now and wanted to share with you five things that caught my eye over the break.

I love everything about this notepad, especially the hand lettering header. SO cute.

Listers Gonna List

This is an amazing paper model designed by Ellen Giggenbach. Super colourful and easy to assemble this would make a great addition to a kid’s room.

Owl and the Pussy Cat

I am really, really into Bullet Journalling at the moment and am keeping mine in a Midori Traveller. I ordered a Confettidori from Teddi Confetti last Friday, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. If you want to get your hands on one, you have to be quick. The shop is only open for a minute or two every Friday (here in Australia) and these get snapped up so quickly that it is not funny. I’ll post pics of mine when it arrives.

Teddi Confetti

I’ve found that I’m way more productive if I keep and regularly update lists of things to do. The energy you need to expend trying to remember all the bits of information that are floating around in your head could be better used getting things done. I loved this piece over on Lifehack about the 21 lists you need to keep to live a more satisfying life. How many lists do you keep?


I love the idea of Pocket Letters. If you’re over boring old letters, you might want to try your hand at these. Basically, you fill a nine pocket trading card protector with cool stuff like journaling cards, ATC’s, washi samples. tea samples, photos – the possibilities are endless. They create something unique and gives you more of an opportunity to express yourself and your interests. This video from Janette Lane (who came up with the idea) is a great place to start if you’re keen. Let me know if you want to swap Pocket letters!

Guys, thanks for checking in. I so appreciate you stopping by – especially after my extended hiatus!
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Sticky page markers by Duncan Shotton

O.K. papernerds I’m going to call it. These sticky notes are the best sticky notes I’ve seen, ever. They are the brainchild of young, British designer Duncan Shotton. There are 10 pack-types that depict natural landscapes and environments, as well as a set of cities, along with their famous landmarks, buildings and even a fictional character or two! Ahhhh! So cute! (Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre podcastfor alerting me to them)

Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers

*Gasp* Interactive paper!

Thanks to Michelle Leslie for sharing this TED talk on Twitter this morning. Kate Stone is a physicist from the UK and she, together with the team at Novalia, have created interactive paper. This is super exciting because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for educational material, art, advertising and anything else that paper is used for (signs, newspapers, magazines, flyers, books, menus etc – the list is endless).

The Novalia team are running a Kickstarter campaign to help them mass produce a funky drum poster that features their interactive technology. I’ve just pledged my support and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they reach their target.

This kind of stuff gets me very excited about the future. What do you think about interactive paper?

Memo Blocks by Dave Hakkens

I’m intrigued by this DIY idea by Dave Hakkens. He designed Memo Blocks as a solution to the notes-on-scrap-paper dilemma that most of us experience.

“It’s designed in a way that you can make one yourself, using materials around your house,” says Dave. “Old cardboard is used for building the shape. Old plastic bags, sheet protectors or foil is used as whiteboard surface and some tape/glue to connect everything.”

Feel like getting crafty? Download your own Memo Block template and create one for yourself.

Snail Mail My Email – you *must* do this!

I literally squealed when I came across this link. If you’re a fan of getting/sending mail, you’re going to love it too.
There’s nothing better than going to the letterbox and seeing a handwritten, stamped envelope amongst all the bills and junk mail. Unfortunately letter writing is a dying practice 🙁 The Snail Mail My Email project is perfect for time poor souls that want to send someone a letter but can’t muster the strength to lick a stamp.

All you need to do is:

  • Pick a person you want to send a letter to.
  • Type up an email message (100 words max) and include the recipient’s physical mailing address.
  • Include a custom option like; a doodle, a flower petal, a spray of perfume / cologne, a lip stick kiss or even suggest your own.
  • Send your email to snailmailmyemail@gmail.com.

The dedicated team of letter writers at Snail Mail My Email will handwrite your message and send it to your friend, for free! Free!
The catch is, you’ve only got until August 15th so hop to it!

(Found via The Benevolent Postcard Society)