New kikki.K online exclusive planner

I’m a sucker for rose gold. I’ve been buying up notebooks and pens and office suppliers adorned with it so you can imagine my excitement when I saw kikki.K’s latest online exclusive planner. It’s so pretty!

Now if only kikki.K could find it in their hearts to release one-day-to-a-page inserts, my life would truly be complete!

Quick notes about the planner:
– Large size planner (240mm L x 200mm W x 40mm H (Maximum height of paper that can be inserted) / 9.85″ x 7.87″ x 1.57″)
– Customisable tabs with inspiring rose gold quotes
– Made from textured Saffiano leather
– Has a two stamp rose gold foil finish
– Stud closure
– Rose gold foil detail on each tab

11 oh-so-cute planner charms

Every planner needs a charm (or two), right? I’m obsessed with planner charms at the moment and the danglier the better. Lucky for me there are SO MANY to choose from. Here are a few, well 11, of my favourites. (btw keep an eye on my Etsy shop – planner charms coming very soon!)

1. Rainbow planner charm – Frost From Fire // 2. Cloud planner charm – The Resin Rainbow // 3. Llouie the Llama planner charm – The Opal Wild // 4. Dark mint planner charm – Oh Lucky Charm // 5. Miniature succulent planner charm – Lacuna Clay & Melts // 6. Flamingo planner charm – Bead Passion // 7. Baby Narwhal planner charm – Oh So Kawaii Charms // 8. Silver bicycle planner charm – Claireabelle Makes // 9. Cross Love planner chain – Baubles & Bygones // 10. Pineapple charm – Fun Usual Suspects // 11. Tea and cake planner charm – Chapel View Crafts

New kikki.K – Met You

This new collection from kikki.K caught me by surprise – which is always an awesome thing for us planner/journal junkies right? This new personal, medium size planner is from the ‘Met You’ collection which is perfect for Valentine’s Day (it’s right around the corner – how crazy!). Now, the planner is a limited edition online exclusive so if you want one in your collection you better get hustling. Do I have any intention of buy another planner you ask? (Family look away)… Yes. Yes I do. How could I not? I don’t know about you but I think pretty little planners like these ones are works of art and there’s always room for new art, right? Right? Just take my money kikki-K!

I’m back! (Did you miss me?)

Guys, I didn’t expect to be away from the blog for almost three months (yikes!). I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! Instead of stressing myself out I decided to take a little blogging break in December. I had such a busy end to 2015 freelance writer-wise so instead of trying to juggle everything I decided to let the blog have a bit of a snooze. It was actually a pretty big breakthrough for me – I realised that it’s important to have some stress-free down time and it really did me some good.

But I’m back now and wanted to share with you five things that caught my eye over the break.

I love everything about this notepad, especially the hand lettering header. SO cute.

Listers Gonna List

This is an amazing paper model designed by Ellen Giggenbach. Super colourful and easy to assemble this would make a great addition to a kid’s room.

Owl and the Pussy Cat

I am really, really into Bullet Journalling at the moment and am keeping mine in a Midori Traveller. I ordered a Confettidori from Teddi Confetti last Friday, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. If you want to get your hands on one, you have to be quick. The shop is only open for a minute or two every Friday (here in Australia) and these get snapped up so quickly that it is not funny. I’ll post pics of mine when it arrives.

Teddi Confetti

I’ve found that I’m way more productive if I keep and regularly update lists of things to do. The energy you need to expend trying to remember all the bits of information that are floating around in your head could be better used getting things done. I loved this piece over on Lifehack about the 21 lists you need to keep to live a more satisfying life. How many lists do you keep?


I love the idea of Pocket Letters. If you’re over boring old letters, you might want to try your hand at these. Basically, you fill a nine pocket trading card protector with cool stuff like journaling cards, ATC’s, washi samples. tea samples, photos – the possibilities are endless. They create something unique and gives you more of an opportunity to express yourself and your interests. This video from Janette Lane (who came up with the idea) is a great place to start if you’re keen. Let me know if you want to swap Pocket letters!

Guys, thanks for checking in. I so appreciate you stopping by – especially after my extended hiatus!
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O.P.P. – other people’s planners

I am obsessed with my planners. I have two at the moment – a Filofax Metropol and a large textured planner from kikki-K. I’ve been checking out other people’s planners (O.P.P. – yeah you know me!) and I’ve been getting HEAPS of planner decoration inspiration. I think there is a correlation between planner prettiness and productivity. The prettier my planner is, the more I want to use it!

Here are my faves – all from Instagram. If you have a planner pic you want to share, hit me up on Facebook or tag me on Instagram.

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