Inspirational women in science by Rachel Ignotofsky

I’ve written about the stunning work of Rachel Ignotofsky before. She creates beautiful illustrations, many with sciency themes like this desert ecosystem print or this anatomy of a flower. Rachel recently released new artand a new book – celebrating the groundbreaking work of women in science. These world-changing women are perfect role models for aspiring young scientists and it is so great that artists like Rachel remind us of their legacy and the paths they paved for us.

Rosalind Franklin – the chemist who discovered the structure of DNA.

Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman and first civilian to fly in space.

Jane Goodall – world renowned primatologist, conservationist and ethologist.

Instagrammer of the week #025

Yas Imamura from Quill & Fox has long been one of my favourite designers. I’m not sure what it was exactly that drew me to her work, but it is so sweet and endearing. I have a few of her prints and I just love her illustrations. Not only is she super talented, she’s also super sweet too. Follow Yas on Instagram.

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Inspiring Office Pieces of Artwork

Considering the time an average worker spends in the office, it is only natural to pay attention to its design and décor. This space is like a second home, and there is no reason to strip it of any character and appeal. Besides, art has its rightful place in any environment, be it residential or business one. It lifts the spirit and ignites passion, so to think outside the neutral-colored, sterile box and do not hesitate to summon the artistic bliss.

Displaying office art does more than just enhance the visual appeal of the office. Work environment, via a wide array of cues and stimuli, has a profound effect on our psyche. Personalizing the space, for instance, has a direct influence on the workflow.

So, introduce family photos, hang paper tassels, take art prints from home, or split the image into printable-sized parts to get a makeshift mural. There are, of course, many other ways to add life to empty walls. Bear in mind that the choice of colors is paramount and that it can make a small office appear bigger.

You can also create a printable calendar or arrange a few clipboards and picture frames in a strategic manner to create a discreet command center. My personal favorite, though, is a wall-mounted kraft paper roll. The otherwise unwieldy cylinder becomes more cooperative once attached to shelf brackets or miscellaneous hardware.

Finally, few things evoke inspiration as a timeless wisdom embodied in a strong quote. The beauty of it is that this is neither expensive nor labor-intensive way to infuse the office with more appeal. One can also employ lightweight plywood letters: Apart from thin underlayment pieces, you would need only a jigsaw.

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Mood boards are a great addition to any workplace. Namely, a work board can serve as a place for outlining projects or capturing brainstorming sessions. At the same time, it represents a nice visual spectacle. Indeed, one can list mood boards among the great examples of inspiring office art.

I would also not miss a chance to immerse in origami, the art of paper folding. It enables us to put together a visual symphony of sharp angles and lines. The variety of basic folds is astounding and allows you to get creative. Larger arrangements can adorn ceilings, and it is quite easy to replace them when needed.

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Furthermore, try to assemble an adorable corner work area. Apply the decorative woodwork to your working desk and turn it into a stylish centerpiece. Get into DIY projects in the league of a dry-erase frame, pencil cup, paper succulents.

Speaking of succulents, I have also seen a stunning example of Succulent Phone. Basically, you take an old phone apart and replace the innards with potting soil. While you are at it, spruce up the mousepad with tape and paint and let your artistic taste spill over into the digital realm by choosing a mesmerizing desktop background.

Image source:

Just do not lose sight of functionality and create storage space that is both visually pleasing and handy. Green plastic bins can be transformed into vintage locker pieces with a fresh coat of nickel paint. If you want to add some shelves, why not do it in an industrial style.

So, get your hands on heavy-duty galvanized piping and couple it with boards and mounting hardware. A much simpler solution would be to make hanging clips with paper clip hacks for smaller items. And if DIY pegboard sounds like your cup of tea, purchase some T-pins to organize your supplies.

Image source:

The revolution in office design is underway. Draw inspiration from the living environment and the majestic, vivid world around you. Not everyone can afford a state-of-the-art office, but with a bit of creativity and work, you can make your cubicle a pleasant place and lighten your mood. Art is a powerful motivation-booster and goes a long way in making you feel better at work. Get past unimaginative and boring and feel your motivation and productivity make a big leap forward.

About Lana
Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and an advisory editor at Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration.

Amanda Marino’s Celestial Creations

I’m mesmerised by these prints from Amanda Marino. Space certainly has a way of making us feel so very small. I love the descriptions Amanda uses to. I think this one – for her print of Jupiter’s Moons – is really beautiful.
“Sometimes when problems come and they try to take my peace from me, I sit and I pay attention to everything around me. Then, I remember … I’m a tiny little creature that we call it “human”, on a floating space rock, surrounded by many other floating space rocks, in a very VERY distant place form the next universe. And yet, the Creator made all of this for me? What’s there to worry about? When you look at this art print I want you to be reminded that sometimes, things are not in our control but they always end up the way they were meant to.”

Check out Amanda’s beautiful work.

Moon Phases


Jupiter’s Moons

Instagrammer of the week #024

Helen Friel would have to be one of my very favourite paper artists. I’m captivated by everything she creates. She calls herself a paper engineer and I think that description is spot on. Her work is so precise with lots of sharp lines and angles and pieces that fit together perfectly. Her work appeals to my fussy, orderly side. She creates these amazing paper replicas of things like lobsters and old gramophones and they look amazing. I wonder how long it takes to create them – from imagination through to fruition? Helen uses paper in a unique way and I think it is beautiful. Follow Helen on Instagram and while you’re at it, follow me too!

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11 oh-so-cute planner charms

Every planner needs a charm (or two), right? I’m obsessed with planner charms at the moment and the danglier the better. Lucky for me there are SO MANY to choose from. Here are a few, well 11, of my favourites. (btw keep an eye on my Etsy shop – planner charms coming very soon!)

1. Rainbow planner charm – Frost From Fire // 2. Cloud planner charm – The Resin Rainbow // 3. Llouie the Llama planner charm – The Opal Wild // 4. Dark mint planner charm – Oh Lucky Charm // 5. Miniature succulent planner charm – Lacuna Clay & Melts // 6. Flamingo planner charm – Bead Passion // 7. Baby Narwhal planner charm – Oh So Kawaii Charms // 8. Silver bicycle planner charm – Claireabelle Makes // 9. Cross Love planner chain – Baubles & Bygones // 10. Pineapple charm – Fun Usual Suspects // 11. Tea and cake planner charm – Chapel View Crafts

Today I’ll Slay New Printable Available Now!

I’ve been having a really big problem with procrastination lately. I find if I start the day without a plan, or a to-do list, I’m just not productive and wasting a day seems so…wrong….especially when there are people out there who’d give anything for another day. So, I called upon the powers of Beyoncé to help me get my butt in gear. If you need to slay your day, I hope this printable helps you too.

Instagrammer of the week #023

I’ve mentioned my love of Bullet Journalling before on PPT. I like it for its simplicity and its endless layout possibilities. If you haven’t tried it, and you want to increase your productivity, I suggest giving it a go. There is no shortage of layout and list inspiration on Instagram but this week I’m featuring one that I just L.O.V.E. It belongs to Cristina and I just love her monochromatic style. What do you think? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too!

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A photo posted by C r i s t i n a (@shilen.qc) on

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The Art of Em Somerville

I’ve been following Em Somerville on Instagram for quite a while now (you might know her as @lickmycupcakes and @emsomervilleillustration) and I’ve always admired her very unique sense of style. I found out recently that she is selling her art online and is taking commissions for new work which is yay-worthy. I don’t know that quirky is the best word to describe her art – it is, I guess, but it doesn’t feel like it’s deliberately quirky. The internet is full of art that is very same same and quirky for quirky’s sake but Em’s work stands out and that is a very good thing. Make sure you check out her shop and follow her on Instagram.

My only hope – Princess Leia

You said I’d never be able

In through the out door, out door

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