DIY Wall Hanging Planner – Hannah in the House

Guys, Hannah in the House just blew my mind with her incredibly simple DIY Wall Hanging Planner. I have 4 inspiration boards in my office – all are covered with notes and images to help my with my fiction writing. I’m at the point where I kinda need another – just to jot notes on etc – and Hannah’s solution is perfecto! All you need is a roll of poster paper, a leather cord, some beads and a couple of bulldog clips and voil√†!

I’m making one this weekend! I am so jazzed! Yes, it’s sad how excited I am!


(Image credit: Hannah in the House)

Sticky page markers by Duncan Shotton

O.K. papernerds I’m going to call it. These sticky notes are the best sticky notes I’ve seen, ever. They are the brainchild of young, British designer Duncan Shotton.¬†There are 10 pack-types that depict natural landscapes and environments, as well as a set of cities, along with their famous landmarks, buildings and even a fictional character or two! Ahhhh! So cute! (Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre podcastfor alerting me to them)

Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers

FREEBIE – My to-do list template

I don’t know about you but I am a big list maker. I start the week off with a brand new to do, and while I don’t always get all the way through my list, it does help to relieve some stress. The more to-do lists I create, the less my brain has to remember, and that is a big win.

This is the template I use when creating my to-do list each Monday. It’s an A4 PDF file and you can download it here. Go forth and make lists!

The To-Do List

1 2 3 4 5 58