7 bookplates for kids

I love books. That probably comes as no surprise really. Books give us the opportunity to live multiple lives within our own relatively short existence. They give us the ability to be things we’d never otherwise be. Within the pages of a book is magic so strong that it can conjure whole worlds in our minds. And that is pretty cool.

Books make the best presents. I give them to my nieces in the hopes that they’ll grow to share the same love I have for the written word. I inscribe them (when I remember to) because I think that’s a cool touch. I know that some people think marking books is a bit sacrilegious, but hey, each to their own.

If you want to go a different route bookplates are ideal. There are so many cute ideas to choose from too. Read more books everyone!



The Fox and the Teacup



Pera Press



The Little Fox



Preppy Prodigy



The Lovely Desk



Olive and Star



Devon Design Co


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Instagrammer of the week #011

It’s time for some prettiness! Today’s Instagrammer is Maricris Emma Mende also known as PaperPanduh. Her feed is always full of beautiful pics of planner supplies, washi and her Panduh kits and boxes. So bright, fun and inspiring. You should totally follow PaperPanduh on Instagram.


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A photo posted by PaperPanduh.com (@paperpanduh) on


A photo posted by PaperPanduh.com (@paperpanduh) on

Instagrammer #010

Bianca Jagoe is an illustrator and zine creator from Launceston, Tasmania. Her feed is full of colour and happy, smiling faces. I am especially fond of her studio wall which is decorated with discarded shopping lists. So awesome.

Be sure to follow Bianca.

A photo posted by Bianca Jagoe (@biancajagoe) on

A photo posted by Bianca Jagoe (@biancajagoe) on

A photo posted by Bianca Jagoe (@biancajagoe) on

Colouring in fun for Easter

It’s Good Friday which means I get to spend the morning with family at our annual Good Friday breakfast. With lots of kids around it can be hard to keep everyone occupied which is why having a crafty thing (or two) up our collective sleeves is always a good thing.

Colouring in is always a good way to pass the time. Here are a few Easter themed colouring in pages to keep your little ones (or big ones) occupied.


E is for Easter Egg


Easter Bunny standing in basket


Lots of bunnies


Birds and blooms


Patterened Scales


Patterned mandala

Office Inspiration #12

I have a thing for dark walls and grey scale. I think it works in this space because there is so much natural light. What do you think about this office space? Are you a fan of dark walls too?


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