I’m suffering from a distinct lack of storage space in my current office setup and it drives me bonkers. We’re renting which means we can’t put up shelves and it’s hard to find standalone furniture that fits the bill. I think that’s what I love about this office space – so much (by the look of it) built-in storage cabinets.



I love looking up at the stars. Over the last six months T and I have been venturing to dark, out-of-the-way places to get a better view of the universe. If you haven’t seen the stars for a while you should pop outside on a cloudless night and look up. It’s a truly humbling sight.

Being the space nerd that I am it should come as no surprise that I seriously LOVE the Instagram account of German artist David Ambarzumjan. He creates the most mind blowing illustrations of the cosmos and is definitely an artist to watch. (Oh and check out his store too)

It’s been a while…


I can’t even adequately describe how intense the last few months have been. The chaos has been a combination of study, work commitments, the serious illness of a family member and the death of another. Living it has been gut wrenching and full of all the worst kinds of emotions. It feels like I haven’t really been able to breathe for the last month and a bit. But now all the loose ends have been gathered, and even though that is a good thing, I’m feeling more shellshocked than ever. We all go through periods like this in life and I am trying to remind myself that I will come out stronger at the other end but it’s hard. Really hard.

So I’ve cut a few things back. I’ve put my university studies on hold for a semester so I can relax for a while. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in reading for pure pleasure and adding heaps of new products to my Etsy store. I’ve been hit with so many ideas which is fantastic because I’ve been blocked, creatively, for so long.

I have a bunch of new posts that I’ll be publishing this week so stay tuned. Thank you for popping your head in to say hello – I really appreciate it.

Instagrams from the National Stationery Show

The National Stationery Show is on in NYC at the moment so I’ve been watching Instagram with interest as the #nss filtered posts come through. So many pretties!


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Judging books by their covers

Book cover design is so important don’t you think? I mean, I know we’re supposed to choose substance over surface but when it comes to books a pretty cover goes a long way. Here are some of my favourite releases from 2015. I’ve you’ve got a favourite book cover share it on Facebook or in the comments below.



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Wit & Whistle Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is approaching fast – it’s May 8th this year. I love these cheeky cards by Wit & Whistle. I must admit I’ve never seen an enamel uterus pin so, hey, that’s pretty cool. If you’re not into cheeky Wit & Whistle have some very pretty floral cards too. Which is your favourite?



Pretty Mothers Day card


Baby head Mother’s Day card


Some Animals Mother’s Day Card


Lady Power Uterus Enamel Pin


Loin Fruit Mother’s Day Card

Instagrammer of the week #012

As a planner nerd I love spending time making my planners look nice. While I have more than enough stickers, I don’t have any planner charms. Which brings me to this week’s Instagrammer. Kay, who runs the Instagram account Bits to Pieces showcases some of the sweetest charms that I’ve seen on the interwebs.

Hop over to Bits to Pieces and prepare to be wowed.


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A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

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