Yikes! Sorry for the unscheduled hiatus. I was hit with another bout of the ‘flu’. I’ve had it twice in the past month and a half and it just floored me. I’m back though thank goodness! I’ve got lots and lots of links (and a few special giveaways) planned for the next few weeks so don’t go anywhere.

To break my blogging drought I wanted to share a few Etsy stores that I discovered recently.

In-Haus Press – this San Fransisco studio creates everything from coasters to prints. Lots of special things to be found here.
Cutiepie Company – I love snail mail! This shop features heaps of cute cards, envelopes and other mail related goodies!
Knot & Bow would have to be one of my favourite Etsy stores. Everything they stock looks amazing. From the packets of glassine bags to the foil seals and stickers. I get so inspired looking at their stuff! I hope you do too.

(Image Credit: Knot & Bow)

Emily Winfield Martin

I was just catching up on my blog reading (I’m a little behind) when I saw that the lovely Emily Winfield Martin (from Inside a Black Apple fame) has sent some sweet new cards off to the printers! This new collection features five different designs that are suitable for lots of different occasions. As soon as they’re available to buy I’ll let you know!

(Image credit: Emily Winfield Martin)

Again with the postcards!

I know! I blogged about postcards yesterday but you have to indulge me because these ones are so cute. The Ask Alice Postcard Book is 24 pages of sweetness. The designs are quirky and each card is printed on thick 100% recycled stock. Designed and made in Melbourne, the book contains 12 hand-drawn designs – so you get 2 of each – one to keep, one to save!

(Image credit: Notemaker)

Poketo – Desk-It Weekly Calendar

Have you used Teux Deux? If you’re a fan of to-do lists, you’ll love it. It’s simplicity and lovely design are the main reasons I use it. I’ve often thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a Teux Deux style pad for offline to-doing” and guess what? They have! Poketo have released the Desk-It Weekly Calendar and it’s all kinds of lovely. You can write your list, tear it out of the pad and stick onto your monitor, wall, fridge – wherever! Super handy.

2012 Frankie diary and calendar

Frankie have just given pre-order details for their 2012 calendar and diary. These beauties always go super-fast so if you want one, you’d better snap one up quick smart! The calendar is $29.95 and the diary is $24.95. I have a 2011 calendar and I can vouch for its awesomeness. Hop to it.

(Image credit: Frankie)