12 free scripty calligraphy fonts

What do you think of calligraphy? I’ve long been fascinated by it and I’ve tried my hand at it many times. The end result is generally very depressing and awkward but that only levels up my admiration of artists who make it look effortless. If you’re like me and you have no calligraphic bones in your body you’ll love this list of free (for personal use) calligraphy fonts. Do you have a fave that I haven’t included? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Ylva Skarp

I must admit, I’ve developed quite the crush on the beautiful, type-driven art created by Ylva Skarp. Adorned with splotches of black ink and haphazard scrawls, these wordy pieces appear, to me, to be less about affirmation (not like your usual nature scape overlaid with a soul saving quote from Maya Angelou or J.D. Salinger) and more about clawing the words and what they symbolise back from the edge of ones own experiences. They speak to me in a way not dissimilar to the work of Colin McCahon – though they are more structured, orderly and less…manic?

Love, love, love. New favourite!

1. om och om igen.
2. for ever.
3. what.
4. let’s be nice.