Rose gold foil cards from The Adventures Of

Every day I get a lot of email from designers, stationery creators and artists telling me about their pretty pieces. Some, I write down to peruse later but the email I received from The Adventures Of recently got my attention immediately. Why was this email different? Three words for you – rose. gold. foil. I’m obsessed with it and I know I’m not the only one.

Amanda and Benjamin  – you’ve got me hooked.


Bear Hugs




Totes Awesome


Happy Birthday

Instagrammer of the week #017 – Ashley Brook Designs

I don’t know about you guys but my weeks are speeding by so fast! I can’t believe another Tuesday has rolled around. This week I’m sharing the Instagram account of Ashley Brook Designs. I’m really drawn to her beautiful, colourful designs. Her feed makes me so happy and I’m sure she’ll brighten up your day too. Follow Ashley here.



My current workspace looks a little like this picture, well….kinda. I have an iMac and a bunch of magazines on my desk and I guess that’s were the similarities end. I can’t remember the last time I saw the surface of my desk. We moved into this house in 2010 so I guess it was right around then.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately on the positive links between creativity and messy work spaces. I’ve been very ‘blocked’ creatively lately so I’m hoping that making my desk messier than normal, by way of sticker prototypes and new printable designs, will help jumpstart my lagging creative process. What about you? How messy is your desk?

Instagrammer of the week #016 – Jen Stark

Jen Stark is an amazing contemporary artist from Miami who creates mindblowing layered paper sculptures that explore and are inspired by patterns in nature. What I like best about Jen’s work is that even though each is an explosion of colour there is cohesiveness – each layer, each colour, in their place works to create configurations that are hypnotic. Instead of seeing chaos in the colours and patterns we see orderliness. That end is something only a skilled artist can create. Follow Jen on Instagram or check out some more of her work.

A photo posted by Jen Stark (@jenstark) on

A photo posted by Jen Stark (@jenstark) on

A photo posted by Jen Stark (@jenstark) on

Wit & Whistle Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is approaching fast – it’s May 8th this year. I love these cheeky cards by Wit & Whistle. I must admit I’ve never seen an enamel uterus pin so, hey, that’s pretty cool. If you’re not into cheeky Wit & Whistle have some very pretty floral cards too. Which is your favourite?



Pretty Mothers Day card


Baby head Mother’s Day card


Some Animals Mother’s Day Card


Lady Power Uterus Enamel Pin


Loin Fruit Mother’s Day Card

Instagrammer of the week #012 – Bits to Pieces

As a planner nerd I love spending time making my planners look nice. While I have more than enough stickers, I don’t have any planner charms. Which brings me to this week’s Instagrammer. Kay, who runs the Instagram account Bits to Pieces showcases some of the sweetest charms that I’ve seen on the interwebs.

Hop over to Bits to Pieces and prepare to be wowed.


A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

A photo posted by Kay (@bitstopieces) on

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