How Joyful – hand lettering awesomeness

Want to see hand lettering done right? You must check out the work of Chilean designer (now living in Southern California) Joy Kelley. Her work is big, bold and beautiful. Today I’m featuring her stamps but believe me there is a lot more for you discover on her blog and store.

Heck yeah, it’s here
Made with love
Please deliver to
Happy Mail
This book belongs to

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Pepper Ink

I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo but I am worried that I might get buyers remorse. That tends to happen with me. The minute I get inked will be the minute I am over the allure of the old skull/anchor/heart/ampersand combo chest piece that looked so awesome on Pinterest.

So, I’ve turned my attention to temporary tattoos. Have you noticed how awesome they are getting?

These ones are from Brisbane-based Pepper Ink and I love them all.

Tiny tattoos

Vintage Flowers

Vintage sewing kit

Vintage Whimsy