Beautiful Branding – September 2014

I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t written a post about corporate identity/branding for a while so I’m remedying that today. The world is full of creative, talented people. Sometimes all you can do is bask in their greatness.

Pino by Bond
Gorgeous branding of Finnish lifestyle store Pino by Bond. I really love the colours and the simplicity of the design.

The Pressery
A very restrained, classic approach to branding for London’s first almond milk supplier The Pressery by designer Tim Jarvis.

P.V.S. by The Strangely Good
Gorgeous use of patterns and motifs in this branding designed by Singapore-based agency The Strangely Good for shoe boutique P.V.S.

Beautiful black by Fabian De Lange for hypergraffiti

Michelle's Bakery
Illustration and design by Anya Aleksandrova for Michelle’s Bakery that is good enough to eat.

Barba Bird
Awesome logotype, custom patterns and palette used in the branding for Barba Bird by Dawid Cmok

Coffee Kitchen
I have a thing about black and white at the moment. You really can’t go wrong with this classic colour pairing. Moodley Brand Identity have created a stunning fuss free, friendly brand.

Wunderblock GmbH manages to capture the essence of Rio’s Maria Santa Teresa Guest House.

Benevolent Society
Loving the use of colour in this identity for the Benevolent Society by Aussie agency Dreamworks.

I’ve saved my favourite ’til last. This beautiful black and floral branding for guarderobbery (by Russian designer Pavel Ilyuk) is breathtaking.

If you have any favourites, send them my way!

Spread the word!

We’re talking business cards today. I love looking through corporate identity kits and seeing the cool things designers are creating (check out the glow-in-the-dark example below). I am still a big fan of the stamp your own cards thing though and will probably head down that route soon. It feels more personal. Have you got any business card faves? Let me know in the comments.

1. Custom Letterpress Business Card – Print and Grain.
2. Hello – Swell and Grand.
3. Your Silhouette – Lion Tail Press.
4. Floral calling cards – Pikake Press.
5. Glow in the dark – The Distillery.
6. Laurel Business Card stamp – Stationery Boutique.

Stamped, stitched and sealed – business cards with a difference

I’ve been researching business cards for my writing business Wordish. I’ve got my heart set on something quirky – I definitely don’t want a stock standard business card. I think I’m going the hand stamped route. What do you think? Stamped, stitched or sealed?

#1 – Ade Chong hand stamped business cards
#2 – Amy Russell stitched business cards
#3 – Decanter Wine Lounge business cards featuring wax seal developed by Bex Brands.