Things to cheer me up

Hi everyone. I have been feeling a little ho-hum lately. I’ve been a little sick, a little sore, a little sad – you know, just a little down in the dumps. So I jumped on the internet to find some bright and beautiful things to cheer me the heck up.

If you’re a little down I hope they do the same for you.

1. Sky – The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy.
2. Cheerful 5×7 – Karen Fields Gallery.
3. Cat Eats Chicken – Claire Voyant Crush.
4. Autumn – Larry Carlson Studio.
5. Origami Valentine – Paper Altar.
6. Hello Sunshine postcard – Studio Froezel.

Molli & Mimi

My little sis and I were wandering through Target today when I spied some pretty sweet office accessories. The colours are fab, the patterns are delish and, to be honest, it was really lucky that we didn’t have a trolley because I would have loaded that thing up!

Keep your eyes peeled for these pretties – I have a feeling that they will be snapped up pretty quickly!

1. Molli & Mimi B5 Soft Cover Notebook – Floral .
2. Molli & Mimi Covered Stackable Document Tray – Black.
3. Molli & Mimi Textured A6 Notebook – Pink.
4. Molli & Mimi Pen Cup Cloth – Black.
5. Molli & Mimi Embossed A5 Notebook – Black.
6. Molli & Mimi Covered Document Drawer – Pink.
7. Molli & Mimi Embossed Matt Pencil Pouch – Pink.
8. Molli & Mimi Woven Texture iPad Case.
9. Molli & Mimi Covered Magazine File – Black.

I heart you Smiggle

My nieces and I share a lot of things; our good looks, our off-the-cuff, witty repartee and our disturbing obsession with Smiggle. If you have never been into a Smiggle store you are missing out big time. It’s a religious experience. It’s like nirvana for kawaii stationery freaks.

With Christmas only 6 weeks away (!!!) I wanted to show you some sweet stocking stuffers Smiggle-style. Stay tuned next week too – I’m going to be sharing my favourite Smiggle gift packs! Yay for Smiggle!

1. Sound reaction clock.
2. Treats scented stickers.
3. Penguin electric sharpener.
4. Treeats pop-out pencil case.
5. Retro graphic headphones.
6. Treats memo sheet pad.

Stationery Boutique

Are you having a good Monday? Is your starting or ending? Mine is ending. It’s been another busy day at Pretty Paper Things central. I’ve been doing some planning for my Christmas eMag and I’ve been thinking of some fun competitions to have for all the giveaways I’ve got coming up. So much to win!!

Now onto something equally as exciting – how great is Stationery Boutique! I’m on a black and white trip and the moment so I love Jennifer’s work. So cool

1. Pattern & Post Card 2014 Calendar.
2. Washi Tape.
3. I Love Stripes Mini Flat Cards & Minilopes.
4. Lunchbox Notes.

The loveliness of Kikki-K

I haven’t worshiped at the altar of Kikki-K for a while. I’m so glad that they’ve opened a store close by – I can get a fix whenever I want (and it’s right next door to a T2 store which is really, really dangerous for my wallet).

I’ve got a nice, big Kikki-K stash in my closet and, looking at these lovely new products, I’ll be adding to it pretty soon!

Sundae Diary Gift Pack: Frost
A5 Unlined Notebooks 3pk: Botaniska
Cute Diary Gift Pack: Frost

  1. Sundae Diary Gift Pack: Frost – $29.95
  2. A5 Unlined Notebooks 3pk: Botaniska – $19.95
  3. Cute Diary Gift Pack: Frost – $29.95

(Image Credit: Kikki-K)