Hooray it’s spring!

It’s spring down under and while we’ve had a rainy start to the new season (in my corner of the world) we’re not far from super sunny days. To celebrate spring I’ve put together a list of the cute spring stickers and printables. Have you seen other spring goodies that I should check out? Leave a comment or let me know on Facebook.

Happy Mail Studio

Talk to the Sun

The Supply Haven

The Dainty Studio


Design Sticker Prints

Mee Digi Scrap

Serli Designs

The Resin Rainbow

Happy Happy Bits

Gilmore Girls Forever!

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? I am. I seriously mourned the show when it was canned way back in 2007. The show was so unique and the writing had so many levels and was so witty. As everyone knows, A Year in the Life is on Netflix now but instead of watching all the eps straight away I decided to wait a week in between them. I’ve been hearing a whole bunch of negativity on the internets about the reboot but honestly, I don’t care what other people think or feel. All I care about is spending some more time in Stars Hollow. Are you a GG fan? No spoilers!

Gilmore Girls Forever

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Trend: Black and White

Have you noticed that black and white are big news at the moment. I’ve noticed it around the place from T2 to magazine spreads.
Simple, understated but oh so chic. Are you a fan?

1. Eyeline – Love Art Will Travel.
2. Tiger – Cate Pepper Designs.
3. Wild Horse – Lime Green Art Shop.
4. Believe – Rach Illustrates.
5. Swedish Dala Horse Print – 8 x 10 – Red Stuga.
6. City Life – Sarah Giannobile.
7. Shadow – Abstact Art M.
8. La Vie Est Belle – Pati Home Decor.
9. Jack London Quote – Obvious State.
10. Reminder Virginia Woolf Print – Paperfelt Paper Goods .

TYPO I need you

My office is irritating me at the moment. I think it’s because I desperately need more storage. It could also be the fact that the cats have taken over the prize real estate that is my dear Nanna’s writing desk. I’m now fighting a 14 year old cat and 12 week old kitten for the privileged of its use. Darn cats.

We’re heading into the cooler months and I need something to give my space some life. That’s where TYPO comes in.

*1* Woodland calendar *2* Shadow box frame *3* Baroque whiteboard *4* Gnome pen holder *5* Gem hour glass *6* Test tube kit *7* Glass head money box *8* Wooden crate

Hello autumn!

It’s officially autumn down under! Even though we have a few hot days here and there, the temperatures are starting to cool down. It’s getting darker earlier and getting light later and before you know it – at the blink of an eye – we’ll be cranking up the heater and adding an extra doona to the bed.

Autumn really is a magical season.

1. Colour change brolly – Smiggle.
2. Rifle Paper Co Galaxy S4 Inlay Case – Jardin – NoteMaker.
3. Moleskine Journal – Cover Art by Paul Desmond – Nation State.
4. Aland shoulder bag tan :Uto – kikki.K.
5. Mr Lazy mug – Nation State.
6. Apple adhesive notes – kikki.K
7. Rhodia – Rhodiarama Notebook – Nation State.
8. Eggling – Crack and Grow Egg – Petunia – Nation State.
9. Rob Ryan Ceramic Egg Cups – Set of Three – Nation State.
10. Yellow Owl Workshop Rubber Stamp Set of 5 – Farm – NoteMaker.

New goodies from NoteMaker

I am flat out gobsmacked by the awesome new goodies withing the Home section on the NoteMaker site. I mean seriously…SERIOUSLY…I want it all.

Let’s start the week with some NoteMaker love!

1. Nkuku Magazine Holder – Grey.
2. Karton Shelving Unit – Ram.
3. Down to the Woods – Hello Sign.
4. Leff Brick Clock – 12 Hour – Stainless Steel – Black Face.
5. Nkuku Glass & Metal Box – Large.
6. Telegram Lamp – Floor (137cm) – Chrome.
7. Telegram Globe – Ash Wood Base with D-Ring Frame.
8. Karton Dutch Design Chair – Books/

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