Say it with seeds

I really like the idea of giving a packet of seeds as a guest gift. I’ve seen them given away as a wedding or baby shower favour but I think they are the perfect thank you for any occasion.

1. The Little Ragamuffin.
2. Elizabeth Graeber.
3. Sunnyside Print Party.
4. The Crooked Twig.
5. American Meadows.
6. God Save Strawberry Jam.

Want to make your own seed packets? Check out this easy how-to.

Yellow Owl Workshop Party Kits

These party kits by Yellow Owl Workshop are Awesome! with a capital A and exclamation mark.

Each packs contain:
– eight 5×7 in(12.5×17.8 cm) imprintable invitations with envelopes
– eight envelope seals
– eight 5×7 in(12.5×17.8 cm) party favor bags
– eight bag seals.

They make me want to throw a party just because!

Ode to the humble library card

Library cards make me really nostalgic. I used to love hanging out in the library at school. I’d often come home with a book bag that was close to bursting. Ahhh those were the days. Are library cards a thing of the past? I sure hope not.

#1 – Personal library kit from KnockKnock.
#2 – Morgan Dillon Business Card designed by Eric Stevens from Tower of Babel.
#3 – 50 Assorted Library cards from Knot & Bow.
#4 – Library card notebook from Campfire Designs.
#5 – The business card of writer Olivia Waite designed by Boxcar Press.