Michiemay – Gorgeous party decor

Yay! The site is back online. We had a few issues with our web host recently so thanks for checking in party people. Today is a celebration of all things bright, shiny, shimmery and partylicious. Thanks Michiemay for these gorgeous party decorations.

1. Gift poms.
2. Happy Birthday Fringe Banner.
3. Flagship Cake Topper.
4. Starlight Cake Topper.
5. Mini Pendant Cake Topper.

Mobile love

I love, love, love these mobiles. Did you have a mobile as a kid? I don’t think I did. Perhaps that’s why I’m fascinated with them now. The brighter, the better.

#1 – Mobile by Riikka Kantinkoski
#2 – Origami Stars (Large Constellation) by The Starcraft
#3 – Flower Orb by RockAbilly Bouquets
#4 – Multi-Colored “Geometrix” Paper Mobile from Twinkle Twinkle
#5 – Rainbows and Clouds by Gosh and Golly

(Image credits: as per links above)

Frazier & Wing

I am pretty much in love with these. Frazier & Wing is a Portland, OR (see! again with Portland!) based studio that makes the prettiest paper mobiles that I’ve come across. They cascade beautifully and the colours that Heather (the lady behind the prettiness) uses are just perfect. I would love to hang one in my office one day. Just looking at it would make me happy.

(Image credit: Poppy by Frazier & Wing)