Pretty quilled earrings

Did you know that paper is the traditional first anniversary gift? It’s supposed to symbolise modest beginnings, newness and simplicity which is what the first year of marriage is like (or so I hear). I like the idea of a paper gift; some of my favourite gifts have been things like heartfelt, handwritten letters, tickets to a show and books.

Despite its simplicity, paper can be magical, as these beautiful quilled earrings show.

Quilled Earrings

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Nel Linssen

Nel Linssen Pendants

Nel Linssen Bracelet

Paper jewellery fascinates me. It’s amazing to see what talented artists can create with scraps of paper. I found the work of Nel Linssen today and I’m astounded by its precision. It’s truly amazing.

Here’s what Dutch artist Nel says about her work…

“In the development of my ideas the use of paper as a means of expressing myself was an obvious choice. As a material, it possesses a lot of qualities that come in useful to me. Moreover, the tactile qualities of paper are important in connection with wearable objects.”

(Image credit: Nel Linssen)

Music To My Heart by Iloveyoulikeyou

I love seeing paper incorporated into jewellery. This sweet little piece is from a new Etsy shop on the block called Iloveyoulikeyou by Natalie Diaz and I’m pretty much in lovelike with it 😀

“Each heart was “Hand Selected” for this Vintage Inspired necklace. It is a One-Of-A-Kind in its own right for I spent lots of time choosing each picture and word phrases from various books such as World History, Othello, and even the Dictionary.” – Natalie Diaz.

(Image credit: Iloveyoulikeyou)