Moustache Stationery – A monthly box of YAY!

Moustache Stationery

For anyone who is new to this blog you might not know it but there are two things I love, love, looooooove and they are getting things in the mail and stationery (duh!). Imagine how freaking excited I was when I came across Moustache Stationery. They manage to combine my two loves into one, convenient package!

Moustache Stationery is a monthly box of awesomeness stationery-style curated by two dapper gents, James and Simone. We’re not talking ho-hum boring stationery either – they choose some quality products. Each month has a new theme too which is fun.

Want to get in on the action? Of course you do! Sign up to the Moustache Stationery newsletter to get $10 off the purchase of your first box! Yay!

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Marvelous Moglea

It will come as absolutely no surprise to most of you that I LOVE mail. I love sending it. I love receiving it. This week I’ve caught up on my overdue snail mail – it’s always a great feeling putting a bunch of letters in the post box!

With letter writing comes the inevitable hunt for more stationery which brings me to Moglea. These gorgeous letterquettes would make a very welcome addition to any letter writers out there.

(P.S. Want to be my pen pal? My address is over there on the side bar –>)

Moglea Letterquette sets
Moglea – Anemone Letterquette

Moglea Letterquette setsMoglea – Morse Code Letterquette

Moglea Letterquette setsMoglea – Painted Geometry

Make your mailbox happy!

It’s been my goal to offer a subscription based service for lovers of all things paper down under. We have the awesome Letters from Letty which is super but I wanted to offer just paper stuff – cards, notebooks, bookmarks, magazines, decorations, zines. You know, the kind of stuff that is celebrated on this blog.

I’d like to introduce you to Happy Mail Day. Every mailbox deserves to be happy and Happy Mail Day is committed to spreading as much cheer as is humanly possible.

At the moment there are three items in the store but this will increase as things start to ramp up. If you have any questions, let me know. In the meantime sign up for the . You won’t be disappointed!

Fun with stickers!

I’ve got mail on the brain this week. Today I’m all about stickers. I appreciate the pop of colour that a sticker can provide an envelope, don’t you? Back in the day I was all about Scratch n Sniff stickers (they’re making a comeback!) but these days I’m leaning towards vintage air mail. What about you? Do you like stickers too?

1. Whimsy Whimsical.
2. K is for Calligraphy .
3. Damn it, Maggie.
4. Livy Love Designs.
5. Pinkies Palace.

Mail Goodies by Papered Thoughts

I love sending snail mail. I also love receiving snail mail (hint, hint SEND ME MAIL!) I’m not the most inventive person when it comes to decorating my envelopes though which is why I think Papered Thoughts is an awesome store.

If you want to convert your plain, white envelope into something more visually appealing have a browse. They have lots of cool stuff from pre-decorated envelopes to neon stickers and confetti tape.

A big YAY for people like Papered Thoughts, for turning mail into little works of art.

OOAK Love/Hate Envelope | Recycled Kraft paper Mail / Packaging stickers | Confetti Tape