Notepad Monday

Don’t you just LOVE making lists? There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to cross something off. Sometimes, if I need cheering up, I’ll add things that I’ve already done on my to-do list just so I can feel the joy of the cross off (kidding, not kidding).

For notebook Monday I’ve taken a little side step and found myself in notepad land rather than notebookville. I’m sure you won’t mind. Right fellow list makers?

I gotta focus! – Quirky Paper Co (my fave)
Desk pad – Mi Goals
Remember notepad – Charm and Gumption
All in a week’s work – Thimble Press
To the market notepad – 1canoe2
Gratitude – Letter Love Designs
Julie Ann Art

It’s Monday which means it’s….

time to share some new Notebooks!

For all of you suffering from the same affliction as I (collectomania notebookaholica), I give you this week’s bounty. If you get bored (hey, it is a Monday) why don’t you share how many blank notebooks you’ve stashed for a rainy day?

Steph Says Hello
Letter Love Designs
Fanciful Pages
Teals Prairie

5 of my favourite notebooks from Nation State

Hello fans of all things paper. How are you? I hope you are having a lovely Monday.

In the spirit of using pretty stationery as a means to get through the longest day of the week I present to you my very favourite notebooks from my friends at Nation State. While choosing a favourite over all of my other favourites would be an epic task I will say that I’m crushing pretty hard on the RIFLE Paper Co journals of late.

What are your favourites?

1. Mi Goals.
2. Ogami.
3. Decomposition.
4. Life Stationery.
5. RIFLE Paper Co.


I’ve got some very pretty notebooks to share with you on this very wintery Monday afternoon. They come all the way from Portugal and were created by Raquel and João from Arminho. Very pretty, don’t you think?

Twenty Fingers

These beautiful notebooks are made by Yuriy and Katerina (a.k.a. Twenty Fingers) from Siberia which is awesome in itself really. They get inspiration from their small town that is surrounded by forests. How delightful!

Unfortunately (for me) they ship all over the world, except Australia, which is a little sad but understandable. So for the rest of you buy some of these gorgeous notebooks and let me know how great they are!

(btw isn’t the product styling awesome?! Love it.)

1. Maple. // 2. Leaf. // 3. Paw. // 4. Ursa Major. // 5. Garden. // 6. Spruce.