Paper Geek MY

OK the site is back up – yay! Unfortunately the site was under a DDOS attack but I’ve been told everything is alright with it all so here I am.

I am so close to being finished the Festive paper book. It has taken longer than I had expected but I think it’s looking pretty good. Make sure you sign up to receive your copy first.

I have been trawling through a number of sites lately but I came across Paper Geek MY and gasped. Their notebooks are to die for! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

1. Passport Size Refillable Leather Journal.
2. Pack of 4 Journal Refills Notebook Refills .
3. 62 pages Drawing Album.
4. Refillable Leather Journal.

The Wild Colonial Company

I was going to save these lovelies for Australia Day but I thought they’d make great stocking stuffers! If you like Australian-themed stationery you will get a kick out of these notebooks from The Wild Colonial Company.

As a proud Aussie I love seeing products that celebrate our history and unique place in the world. I think The Wild Colonial Company (brainchild of former Murdoch Books CEO Juliet Rogers) captures this spirit perfectly with these recently released items.

Florence Broadhurst
Florence Broadhurst was one of Australia’s most prolific designers, known for her eclectic, pattern-fuelled handmade wallpaper designs. The Wild Colonial Company has re purposed Broadhurst’s designs, dialed up the vibrancy and created a range of beautifully made notebooks and journals.
Bonzer Ration Journal – Red
These bonzer journals are Australian retro at its very best. Designed and published in association with the Australian War Memorial, they celebrate First World War Aussie slang (that we still use to this day) and period imagery. Again, these notebooks are exquisitely made, quirky and practical.

Know someone who’d love a notebook (or two)? Head to The Wild Colonial Company and view the whole range.

Subtle Acts journals

It is my unbiased (yeah right) opinion that one can never have too many notebooks. I have several littered around the house, ready to grab when inspiration hits. If only someone could create a pretty waterproof journal that I could affix to the shower wall (it’s where I do my best thinking).

If you feel the same way about notebooks you will lurve these pretty cahier journals from Subtle Acts.

1. Virginia Woolf .
2. Steinbeck .
3. Thoreau.
4. Walt Whitman.

Night Sky by Field Notes

Today I wanted to share with you the brand new “Night Sky” limited edition pack from Field Notes. The notebooks (3 pack) feature three sets of constellations that appear in the skies of the northern hemisphere during summer.

Visually, the books are stunning with grey text and silver holographic foil stars on a French Construction “Blacktop” cover. Inside is Finch Opaque text paper, with a new “Reticle Graph,” which Field Notes says is “sort of a hybrid of our popular dot-grid and graph papers”. Whatever – they look pretty sexy don’t you think?

(I also LOVE the highlight reel Field Notes created for the books. Check it out…)

These limited edition books always sell out so head to Notemaker quick to grab yours.

Decomposition Notebooks

I spied these Decomposition Notebooks on the Notemaker site the other day and fell in notebook love. They are so pretty!

Designed by Brooklyn-based Michael Roger, Inc, Decomposition Notebooks are made using 100% recycled paper, soy ink and bio-gas making them some of the most environmentally friendly notebooks on Earth. Unlike other envirofriendly stationery though, the quality doesn’t suffer. Very, very cool.

1. Beachwood.
2. Red Hibiscus.
3. Wild Garden.
4. Pocket Pegasus.

Noteable notebooks

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my notebook addiction on the blog before. I can’t even tell you how many notebooks I have – there’s too many to count! So, I guess I really shouldn’t be sitting here searching for pretty notebooks should I? No. Hmmm Well there’s nothing stopping you from having a look, right?

#1 – Paper Cranes by Bespoke Letterpress
#2 – Mini Journal – Chevron Stripe by Wit & Whistle
#3 – Lets Sail With Seals by Mossery Co
#4 – Follow the White Rabbit by Season Paper
#5 – A6 Patten Journal by Typo
#6 – Enjoy notebooks by kikki.k

Hello I’m back!

Hi everyone! It took a little longer for me to get back on board after the Christmas break (that wasn’t really a break). Long story short I’m more exhausted now than I was when I started my holidays and I’m already mentally planning a quick weekend away to re-charge! It’s always the way, isn’t it?! I hope you managed to have a great break and are embracing the newness of 2013.

One of my goals for this year is to write more away from the computer so I’ve been on the lookout for a cute journal. Luckily there’s no shortage of amazing choices!

#1 – Fox Journal by Lyndsey Green.
#2 – Lockable Journal: Hello Sunshine from kikki.k.
#3 – Red pocket Moleskine mini journal with hand-lettered cover by Sparrow Nest Script.
#4 – Memoirs Journal by Bibliographica.
#5 – Travel Journal and Pencil Set by Happy Dappy Bits.