Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge – Commute

Yep, the theme of today’s post might seem a little weird, considering I work from home most of the time, but I’ve had a taste of freedom thanks to the red beast. Instead of working from home I’ve been travelling to different places to snatch up some location specific inspiration. I’ve been commuting!

In the book that I’m writing, one of the pivotal scenes takes place at a beach. While writing that scene I pictured a particular beach – one that I have visited a thousand times before. I described it, from memory, right down to the little tin roof covered picnic table that sits perched on the cliff above the sea.

I edited that scene last week and being able to head back and visit the actual beach – my take on commuting – was such a blessing. It’s just nice to be able to get out and experience life outside my office during office hours. Anyone who works from home, in a one car family, knows what I mean. Sometimes all you need to feel creative again is to go for a drive. For me, inspiration is always conjured on a trip to the beach.

8 reasons why the Ford Focus Titanium (a.k.a. the red beast) is the ultimate car to commute in:

  1. It is so incredibly easy to drive. It feels light as a feather to control, which is very, very different to our other car.
  2. It is fuel-efficient. The last time I had to fill up the car was before our road trip down south. That’s over 600km ago and it’s still got quarter of a tank!
  3. The leather seats are super comfortable. It feels like the seat is giving you a hug.
  4. The auto folding side mirrors mean you can park in a tight space without worrying that someone will take your mirror off (yep, it’s happened to me before)
  5. The parking aid is really handy. It lets you know if you’re close to hitting walls, curbs and cars by emitting an intermittent beep that becomes more frequent the closer you get.
  6. I love that the steering wheel is fitted with all the buttons I need to control everything from incoming phone calls to the back window wiper.
  7. And while we’re talking about wipers – I also love the rain sensing auto wipers. Whoever thought of that is a genius.
  8. The duel zone climate control means I can control how hot (or cold) I want to be. And your passenger can choose their own settings. This feature alone will save a lot of arguments!

Handy paper things for your next commute

If you’re going to be a passenger here are some things to take along for the ride.

1. Moleskine reading light – Notemaker.
2. Breaking Bad inspired word find puzzle – Woodland Faerie Girl.
3. Colour it in, colouring book zine – The Side Project Shop.
4. Moleskine back pack – Notemaker.
5. A Sentence A Day Journal – Kikki K.

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  1. Peggy August 29, 2013

    I was watching your video and thinking, I know this stretch well! I am in Perth too and spend a lot of time at Cott, so I drive those same streets on my way. I totally agree with the quote at the start of your video, the sea does have some kind of potent power.

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