Is white alright? | Moleskine’s new colour

I’ve loved Moleskine notebooks ever since I first laid my big eyes and little hands on them. Yes I have purchased many different notebooks since but I always find myself going back to them. There’s something in their quality and clean lines. And then you open it up and see nothing but lines for days. No fluff and no distraction from your writing. And the 6mm ruled lines… loveliness! Ok the stationery freak in me has truly emerged. Oh my! I’ve always been partial to the classic range but lately I’ve been eying off the ever so cool and casual cahiers. Especially in kraft.

And then this happened. My beloved classic notebook now comes in white. It’s been described as the perfect blank canvas. The new black. But I’m undecided actually. I mean don’t get me wrong… white is good, I love white. White is bright and pure. White is cotton linen, and marshmallows, and snow. I suppose the white cover could make for some amazing washi cover art. But it’s just not the notebook I know. Perhaps I’m being picky. What do you think? Are you a fan? I’m totally open to your thoughts. Let’s discuss.

Miranti Kayess pen&peplum

Miranti is a self-confessed stationery freak and workspace junkie. She answered the calling of her passions and left an established career to venture out and run her own creative business. Miranti is the creator of pen & peplum and is currently developing her own online stationery store. Her passion is creating inspiring stationery to accompanying others along their journey towards their biggest dreams and highest purpose. Miranti is a Leo, tea-drinker, and yogi. Connect with Miranti: pen&peplum | twitter | Facebook

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