JooJoo – Afsaneh Tajvidi

I really love the work of Toronto-based artist Afsaneh Tajvidi (check out some of her sketches too – amazing). Her art is incredibly beautiful – it manages to perfectly capture softness and detail which I find is something that a lot of artists shoot for but few actually manage to pull off.
Her work would fit right in to a nursery or kid’s room don’t you think?

1. Watercolour Bird.
2. Dream Big.
3. Love.

My favourite is this one though. So lovely.

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  1. Janine Fuglerud July 12, 2013

    Hello! I love your work, especially your birdie pictures! I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine made me a Facebook profile picture using on of your images, and she gave me your name. I have given you credit both in the description of the photo as well as directly underneath it. If this is a problem, I will remove it. I wasnt sure if I could find you on facebook, otherwise I would have linked you directly. Thank you so much.

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