Me & You Book by Nicolle Jenkins

Me & You by Nicolle Jenkins is a beautiful keepsake book for mothers and daughters to contribute to and share. I was blown away when I found it on my doorstep a few weeks ago (don’t you just love happy mail days!). It is a substantial book (it’s 2.5kg) but it is extremely well made and will last a lifetime I’m sure.

I love that it gives Mums and daughters the space to turn it into something unique; a chronicle of their unique relationship over time. I think it’s a truly beautiful idea.

As I’m not a Mum (I’m a doting Aunt though) I wanted to pass the book along to someone who would appreciate it and, most importantly, use it. Enter Casey and her cute-as-a-button daughter Esme. I asked Casey to write a little bit about the book. Here’s what she had to say.

Nothing makes us realise our own mortality, quite like becoming a parent. The mere thought of leaving your children prematurely is horrifying. Having lost my own Father as a child, I know what it is like to have questions unanswered and history disappear.

The Me & You memoir is a unique, beautifully crafted book, which allows Mothers to leave something behind for their daughters. There are many things I want my daughter to know and this beautiful book, allows my history and experiences to live on.

Even in our digital world, I enjoyed handwriting this piece for my daughter. I feel the price is reasonable; it could almost be viewed as an investment.

I absolutely 100% agree with Casey’s sentiment about the book being an investment. Nothing is more important than sharing the stories of our families – it is something we should pay more attention to. Thankfully this book makes it easier.

Mothers/daughters out there, you will love this book. Head on over to the Me & You store to grab your copy.