Office inspiration #013

We’re heading into the cooler, wintery weather down here in Australia which is why my choice for office inspiration this week is a little darker. What do you prefer? Light and bright or dark and moody?



The World of Aerin


  1. GDR. April 28, 2016

    I think I definitely like the more dark and brooding scheme for my office. I’m a night person; that’s primarily when I get a lot of my work done. Having a darkened atmosphere really helps me focused.

    Though, if I do have a lighter scheme, I know exactly the combination I’d go for! Sometimes having a light room can be really relaxing.

    • Kristie April 29, 2016

      It’s funny, I used to be all about dark and moody – I had dark wood furniture etc. Then something happened a few years ago to turn me into all white everything. Ultimately, I’d like two work spaces – one light and bright and one dark and moody. I’ll just need to find a bigger house!

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