Instagrammer of the week #032 – Jenny Sjodin

Jenny Sjodin is an illustrator, story teller and graphic designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I really like her graphic style. The use of different textures is such a good way to add extra dimension to a piece. She recently created images for the UNHRC, depicting the lives of refugees and they are so beautifully done, so respectful and dignified. She’s definitely someone you should follow.

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The art of Tyler Feder

I am so utterly jealous of the art created by Tyler Feder (available via her Etsy store Roaring Softly). How is it fair for one person to have so much talent?! Argh!

I like Tyler’s work for many reasons, not least of which is her apparent love of Gilmore Girls and Mindy Kaling (both are faves of mine too). She creates art that speaks about empowerment, acceptance of all and the amazing things that we, as a society, can do if we all pull together. It’s important for artists like Tyler to share their messages with the world because art has the ability to unify, where words can fall short.

Be sure to check out Tyler’s store and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

We Were Seeds

Strong As Hell

Conversations with Mindy Kaling

Nevertheless We Persist

Instagrammer of the week #031 – Cloth and Paper

Everything on the Cloth and Paper Instagram feed fills me with so much joy that I can’t adequately convey how much I love everything they do. I’m obsessed with their black and white, classic style.

INSTAGRAMMER OF THE WEEK #030 – Lorraine Loots

Small things can be incredibly beautiful as the art of South African, Lorraine Loots shows. Lorraine spends anywhere between three to seven hours painstakingly painting her miniature works of art on 10 centimetre-squared pieces of paper. Despite the small physical size, Lorraine is able to capture the essence of each subject beautifully. Her art may be small but her talent is anything but.

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Pretty quilled earrings

Did you know that paper is the traditional first anniversary gift? It’s supposed to symbolise modest beginnings, newness and simplicity which is what the first year of marriage is like (or so I hear). I like the idea of a paper gift; some of my favourite gifts have been things like heartfelt, handwritten letters, tickets to a show and books.

Despite its simplicity, paper can be magical, as these beautiful quilled earrings show.

Quilled Earrings

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