Sticky page markers by Duncan Shotton

O.K. papernerds I’m going to call it. These sticky notes are the best sticky notes I’ve seen, ever. They are the brainchild of young, British designer Duncan Shotton. There are 10 pack-types that depict natural landscapes and environments, as well as a set of cities, along with their famous landmarks, buildings and even a fictional character or two! Ahhhh! So cute! (Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre podcastfor alerting me to them)

Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers Sticky Page Markers


  1. GDR. July 16, 2015

    When I first saw these, I was so, so jazzed.
    Every time I see them again, the need to get them gets greater.
    These are seriously so creative and so awesome.

    • Kristie July 17, 2015

      Absolutely agree. So creative! I’ve never seen anything quite like them.

  2. Kelly July 27, 2015

    What!? These are so cool, I can’t even!

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