Winsome Easel – changing the world

As you all know, I love art. Art is transformative. It helps us to see the world in different ways. Art can move people, it can rally people, it can be the catalyst for great change.

Creating social awareness through art is something I believe in and support which is why I want to share the work of Winsome Easel with you.

Winsome Easel believes that beautiful words and authentic relationships can transform this world. Because of this, 10% of all proceeds go to ending human trafficking and modern day slavery through an End It Movement partner organization called Made in a Free World. Your purchase is helping make a difference in the global story of freedom!”

Oh and it also helps that Kristin’s work is gorgeous too. You can buy beautiful art and help change the world. Win win!


ligature magazine

Have you missed me paper nerds? I’ve missed you. I’ve been working on a super special secret site but I’m back now with a backlog of lovely paper stuff to show you.

As you’re probably aware, I am a magazine fiend. The more obscure a magazine the better. I have a favourite newsagent (Garden City News represent) and I’m always finding little paper nuggets of wonder. This week I’m introducing you to ligature magazine.

New (to me) titles are a rare treat for me. I have my firm favourites (V Magazine, Phoenix, Elle, Vogue etc) and then there are the arty new finds like ligature. ligature is minimalist. It has no handwritten elements that are the design element du jour of the moment. It has no geometric or fluro/neon distractions. It is a peaceful read. Zen-like. There is a lot of room for white space which I love.

As I’ve said before minimalist design is so very hard to pull off. Some people believe that minimalism equates with ho hum boring or that it lacks the ability to hold a readers attention without a constant call to action (QR codes, apps to unlock behind the scenes footage, buy this, buy that). I disagree. Minimalism requires purity of the image. It gives readers the space to digest information, make of it what they will and move on. ligature does this very well.

As a magazine ligature is a slash – i.e. art slash design slash fashion. It straddles all of these labels well. I enjoyed the matte finish too. It was a change from the glossy glossies.

Loved ligature. I hope to see the next issue on the newsstands.

Music lyrics poster style

Rounding out this week’s music-themed posts are these super sweet lyric posters. I’ve talked about my love of lyric posters before. I love this kind of art because it speaks to two parts of the soul – they look pretty of course but they can also be poignant. With lyrics, good lyrics, all they need is a fancy new font coat and a pretty picture in the background and you’re set.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s music posts. Keep an eye out for my first Ford Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge post!

1. Styx – Come Sail Away by Defiant Feather.
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd by Raw Art Letterpress .
3. Lifehouse by I Create Design Candy.
4. Lola by the Kinks by Peanutoak Prints.
5. Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra by Music Concept Posters.

Saatchi Online

I swear I could spend hours browsing through online art galleries like Saatchi. As you all know I’m a big fan of art and I’ve been steadily growing a collection, albeit a small one, for the last few years.

I seem to have a leaning towards moody landscapes and mixed media collage – although I do have a soft spot for intricate illustrations too. What kind of art appeals to your eyes?

Have a browse through Saatchi online but be warned – it won’t be a quick visit!

1. FOR MY OTHER (text, ink on found paper) by Krista Berga .
2. Well its not looking good from up here by Claire Brewster.
3. Storm 8 by Masri Hayssam.
4. Box 20 by Jonathan David Lange.
5. Maybe We Might II by Sarah-Jane Muskett.
6. Texture I by Anna Vinokurova.
7. Unfounded Notes by Jerry Seguin.
8. untitled by Thomas Gromas.