Back-to-school stickers – making light work of labelling

Pencil stickers

It’s back-to-school time in some parts of the world. These few weeks before school starts has long been one of my favourite times of year! I know that there are a million and one things that need labelling so I created these simple, customisable stickers that are perfect for labelling stationery supplies and all the other bits and pieces. They are up on my Etsy store – Happy Mail Day – now.

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Back to School! Woodland book stickers

As a kid I loved shopping for school supplies. While I loved getting new pens, pencils and paper, my favourite part was getting new books and the ritual of wrapping them in Con-Tact (clear Con-Tact of course). I’d cut out pictures of movie stars or bands that I loved and would put together a little collage on the cover. I’d stick a sticker on the inside cover proclaiming that the book was mine and I’d be all ready for the new school year. It’s funny thinking about little rituals like this. Even though it happened years and years ago I remember it like it was yesterday.

I’ve just popped these back-to-school labels (bookplates) on my Etsy store and there are more to come to stay tuned.

Outer Space – a new back to school sticker theme

In Australia the new school year starts in a few weeks. As a kid I always loved this time of year. I loved hunting down the list of school supplies we needed to buy. I loved how sharp the points of new pencils were. I loved the smell of new erasers and I loved the feeling of smoothing ConTact over new books and the abject horror of finding a bubble somewhere on the book’s cover (that I’d pick at for the rest of the school year).

One of the best parts about the new school year is labelling everything (well, it excites me!). If this task doesn’t fill you with joy I’ve created some sticker sets that will make the process a breeze. You can find them on my Etsy store now!

What other sticker themes should I create?

Miranti’s back-to-school must haves (for grown-ups)

My my, lovely readers, where have the weeks gone? We are well into the swing of this new year now. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that January is a bit of a fluffy month. It feels like a month-long introduction to the year ahead, a lot of people remain on holidays, and the rest of us are all still finding our rhythm as we return to work from our Christmas holidays. But then February arrives and a dose of reality comes along with it.

It’s back to school time in Australia but the fun of getting shiny new stationery needn’t be reserved for the kiddies. Channel your inner chic geek and treat yourself to some gorgeous back-to-school-inspired accessories! Make it grown-up and make it sophisticated. It’s like experiencing all the fun of returning to school with none of the bullies, grumpy teachers, or homework!

Here are some of my favourite finds for a grown-up back to school look:

1. Cambridge Satchel Company Leather 15″ Patent Batchel from ASOS
2. Leather A4 Compendium Skeppsholmen from kikki.k
3. Delphonics Cotton Roll Pen Case
4. Urban Dandy glasses from Bonlook
5. Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Notebook – Taupe from Pepes Paperie
6. Metal rollerball pen – Arror from kikki.k

Miranti Kayess pen&peplum