Instagrammer of the week #031 – Cloth and Paper

Everything on the Cloth and Paper Instagram feed fills me with so much joy that I can’t adequately convey how much I love everything they do. I’m obsessed with their black and white, classic style.

Today I’ll Slay New Printable Available Now!

I’ve been having a really big problem with procrastination lately. I find if I start the day without a plan, or a to-do list, I’m just not productive and wasting a day seems so…wrong….especially when there are people out there who’d give anything for another day. So, I called upon the powers of Beyoncé to help me get my butt in gear. If you need to slay your day, I hope this printable helps you too.

Instagrammer of the week #022 – Kurt Pio

I’ve featured Kurt Pio’s gorgeous work on the blog before and I was so enamoured by it that I had to follow him on Instagram of course (wow that sounds creepy!) If you’re not familiar with Kurt Pio, he is an artist from Cape Town and he does these amazing abstracts and gorgeous oversized faceted gems. I’ve found over the years that I like a particular style of art – kinda abstract, bold colours, especially black and white – and Kurt Pio’s work falls pretty much smack bang in the middle of it. Enjoy!

A photo posted by Kurt Pio (@kurtpio) on

A photo posted by Kurt Pio (@kurtpio) on

A photo posted by Kurt Pio (@kurtpio) on

A photo posted by Kurt Pio (@kurtpio) on

A photo posted by Kurt Pio (@kurtpio) on

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Ylva Skarp

I must admit, I’ve developed quite the crush on the beautiful, type-driven art created by Ylva Skarp. Adorned with splotches of black ink and haphazard scrawls, these wordy pieces appear, to me, to be less about affirmation (not like your usual nature scape overlaid with a soul saving quote from Maya Angelou or J.D. Salinger) and more about clawing the words and what they symbolise back from the edge of ones own experiences. They speak to me in a way not dissimilar to the work of Colin McCahon – though they are more structured, orderly and less…manic?

Love, love, love. New favourite!

1. om och om igen.
2. for ever.
3. what.
4. let’s be nice.

Trend: Black and White

Have you noticed that black and white are big news at the moment. I’ve noticed it around the place from T2 to magazine spreads.
Simple, understated but oh so chic. Are you a fan?

1. Eyeline – Love Art Will Travel.
2. Tiger – Cate Pepper Designs.
3. Wild Horse – Lime Green Art Shop.
4. Believe – Rach Illustrates.
5. Swedish Dala Horse Print – 8 x 10 – Red Stuga.
6. City Life – Sarah Giannobile.
7. Shadow – Abstact Art M.
8. La Vie Est Belle – Pati Home Decor.
9. Jack London Quote – Obvious State.
10. Reminder Virginia Woolf Print – Paperfelt Paper Goods .