Where would we be without books?

I have one goal in life – to have a book published. I’m working hard on that goal and I have belief that it will happen. You’ve got to do the hard work before you’re rewarded, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s BOOK LOVE posts. If you have any book related links, send them through. I’d love to read them.

1. Bookshelf Print by Wannanea.
2. The Heart – Folded Book Art by Novel Brand.
3. Ex Libris Banner / Bookplate by extase.
4. Girl with books by Illustrations by Aimee.
5. Girl Reading with the Owls – papercut – by Sarah Trumbauer Creatives.

25 crazy beautiful book covers

What makes you want to buy a book? Reviews? Word of mouth? For me it’s always been about the covers. I’m very guilty of judging books by them. Luckily this hasn’t steered me wrong.

I seem to have a core group of designers whose work I love – Jessica Hische, Anna Dorfman, Allison Colpoys – they get it right every time. I’m also particularly proud of the cover designed by my dear friend Adrianne Barba from Bird Studios for my soon to be released e-book (see pic #2)!

How do you pick your books?

1. Emily Mahon / 2. Adrianne Barba – this is my e-book! You can pre-order a copy now! / 3. Christopher Sergio / 4. Jessica Hische / 5. Emily Mahon / 6. Anna Dorfman / 7. Peter Mendelsund / 8. Anna Dorfman / 9. Allison Colpoys / 10. Jennifer Carrow / 11. Jessica Hische / 12. Jennifer Carrow / 13. Olga Grlic / 14. Jennifer Carrow / 15. Peter Mendelsund / 16. Alison Forner / 17. John Gall Design / 18. Olga Grlic / 19. Jessica Hische / 20. Olga Grlic / 21. Olga Grlic / 22. Olga Grlic / 23. Jason Booher / 24. Jessica Hische / 25. Anna Dorfman

From the pages of a book

Books are magical things. They inspire us. They transport us to different worlds. They teach us all of life’s secrets. I have a massive crush on books.

While the pages of a book are treasured they aren’t sacrosanct. It’s nice to know that they can continue to transform the world around us when they’re given a new lease on life.

1. Vintage Wedding Boutonnieres by Book Craft.
2. Classic Ampersand by Stay Gold Media.
3. Statement necklace by Paper Statement.
4. Young Bob DYLAN Dictionary Page Art by Patrician Prints.
5. Paper Flowers by Burning Lucy.

Helen Friel

It’s BOOK LOVE week this week on Pretty Paper Things so I’ll be sharing my favourite book related things over the next five days.

As a writer, I’m constantly surrounded by books. In fact I’m writing a YA at the moment (I’m on my second revision – so close to finishing!) and I have an e-book that’s almost ready to release into the world. Books are a big part of my life and my love of all things pretty and papery stretch and extend to them.

Today I wanted to share the work of Helen Friel who is an amazing paper engineer from London. She created this amazing edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Imp of the Perverse which is a story about the voice inside all of us that makes us to do things we know we shouldn’t.

Each page is perforated in a grid pattern with sections of text missing and the reader must tear and re-construct the piece in order to read it in full. How awesome, right? It’s kind of like a grown-up version of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books in a way – reaching an end point is left in the hands of the reader. I like that.

(Image credit: Helen Friel)