Gilmore Girls Forever!

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? I am. I seriously mourned the show when it was canned way back in 2007. The show was so unique and the writing had so many levels and was so witty. As everyone knows, A Year in the Life is on Netflix now but instead of watching all the eps straight away I decided to wait a week in between them. I’ve been hearing a whole bunch of negativity on the internets about the reboot but honestly, I don’t care what other people think or feel. All I care about is spending some more time in Stars Hollow. Are you a GG fan? No spoilers!

Gilmore Girls Forever

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Everyone needs bookmarks!

Being the avid reader I am I’ve amassed quite the collection of bookmarks. I love my Kindle and I use it all the time, but I miss slipping in an awesome bookmark at the end of a heavy reading session. As long as there are books there will be bookmarks though. Here are five awesome examples.

#1 – Unplug & Read by Kristin Crane.
#2 – Catherine by CUTandTEAR.
#3 – “I Swear We Were Infinite” by Ozzy and Lulu.
#4 – Use It Or Lose It by Black Heart Letterpress.
#5 – Howard Walowitz by Michael’s Medley.