I’ve mentioned before how much I love books. Even thought I adore my Kindle there will always be something special about reading a brand new hardcover.

In the past I’ve used bookplates to stamp my ownership on my personal library but with my collection growing at a steady rate it’s not something I’ve kept up with. Do you put bookplates or book stamps on your books? Would you be more inclined to do so if you had bookplates that looked like these pretties?

top row
#1 – This is the Property by Barn Stationery.
#2 – Babushka Doll Bookplates by Pixels Plus Paper.
#3 – Custom bookplates by Nancy Nikko Design.

middle row
#4 – Books Can Take You Anywhere by The Little Fox.
#5 – Ex Libris banner by extase.
#6 – Mushroom bookplates by Typothecary Letterpress.

bottom row
#7 – Owl bookplates by Whimsy Whimsical.
#8 – Star Pals by Trafalgar Square.
#9 – Monogrammed bookplates by Pearenthical Press.