Have yourself a merry (neon) Christmas

Perhaps a neon Christmas is a southern hemisphere thing? Do our friends up north like to celebrate with a splash of hot pink or iridescent yellow?

1. Bombina Studios – Nutcracker Mini Print.
2. Apple Door Studio – Paper Origami Christmas Bauble.
3. FS Screenprinting – Neon pink Christmas.
4. Natmaks – Set of 6 festive screen printed greeting cards for Christmas.
5. KM 2 – Creative Snowman Christmas Card.
6. Neon London – Neon Christmas Gift Wrap Pack.

I heart you Smiggle

My nieces and I share a lot of things; our good looks, our off-the-cuff, witty repartee and our disturbing obsession with Smiggle. If you have never been into a Smiggle store you are missing out big time. It’s a religious experience. It’s like nirvana for kawaii stationery freaks.

With Christmas only 6 weeks away (!!!) I wanted to show you some sweet stocking stuffers Smiggle-style. Stay tuned next week too – I’m going to be sharing my favourite Smiggle gift packs! Yay for Smiggle!

1. Sound reaction clock.
2. Treats scented stickers.
3. Penguin electric sharpener.
4. Treeats pop-out pencil case.
5. Retro graphic headphones.
6. Treats memo sheet pad.

My favourite day of the year is here!

Merry Christmas
If you’re celebrating the day, I hope yours is as magical as can be. We’ll be spending the day at my parents place in their pool with four excited nieces splashing around! Good times!

Please stay safe, relax, enjoy, gorge yourself, unwrap presents, give some cuddles, write thank you notes but most importantly be thankful for your blessings.

Merry Christmas to you.


Want more printables and DIY’s?

Continuing on with the free Christmas/holiday printables and DIY’s from last week, I’ve found some more awesome projects! It’s not too late to whip something up for Christmas, in fact I’ll be tackling the feather tag today. If you know of any more, let me know and I’ll add them to my list.

Tags and placecards from Geninne
Tags and placecards from Geninne

Feather gift tags from Love vs Design
Feather gift tags from Love vs Design

Holiday knit gift tags
Holiday knit gift tags from Eat, Drink, Chic

Falling Stars Advent Calendar from Design*Sponge
Falling Stars Advent Calendar from Design*Sponge

Twirly Paper Snowflake Tutorial from Simply Modern Mom
Twirly Paper Snowflake Tutorial from Simply Modern Mom

Holiday gift tags from Studio Morran
Holiday gift tags from Studio Morran

Super Simple Paper Stars
Super Simple Paper Stars from AnneKata

(Image credits: Geninne, Love vs Design, Eat, Drink, Chic, Design*Sponge, Simple Modern Mom, Studio Moran, AnneKata)

Mini wreath holiday cards

Mini Wreath Holiday Cards
What a great idea for your holiday cards! If you’re like me, and you have bushes of Rosemary in your garden, these cute little mini wreaths will give you a great excuse for some harvesting. Check out the tutorial over at Frolic!

(Image credits: Photography: Lisa Warninger. Concept and crafting: Tokketok. Floral and styling: Chelsea Fuss. Created for Frolic!)