Instagrammer of the week #027 – Carolyn Gavin

Carolyn Gavin’s world sure does look colourful. The designer and owner of Canadian sustainable paper goods brand Ecojot finds inspiration in the colours, patterns and shapes she sees around her. I especially love her floral work – so beautiful!
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Instagrammer of the week #019 – Britt Bass Turner

Britt Bass Turner is a painter from Georgia who loves working with colour to create unique works of art. I was drawn to her work because of it’s simplicity. All of her work has this easy-going, endless summer vibe going on. If you want more colour in your feed definitely follow Britt.

4 of the prettiest journals you’ll ever see

Now as you are already well aware I am a journal junkie. I don’t even want to try and put a figure on the number of beautiful, blank journals I have sitting in the cupboard to the right of me. The lure of a new journal is way too great for me to ignore much like shoes and handbags are to other people.

I was going through my bookmarks on the weekend when I found a link to a fabulous artist, Evelyn Henson. She creates beautiful art that inspires people to create a brightly coloured life. Now, she has a whole lot of awesome stuff on her website (art prints, greeting cards and mugs and more) but what I’m really loving are her journals. If you’re a journal junkie I think you’ll love them too. ♥


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Santiago Sunbird

If you caught My Three Favourite Things newsletter a couple of weeks ago you would have seen a beautiful watercolour wedding invitation designed by Santiago Sunbird. I’m in awe of Bree and Sarah Hankinson’s work. It’s beautifully designed and while it is watercolour (and watercolour is so ‘in’ at the moment) it’s also understated and unique, which is everything you want from your wedding stationery, right?

Grandes Rosas




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Things to cheer me up

Hi everyone. I have been feeling a little ho-hum lately. I’ve been a little sick, a little sore, a little sad – you know, just a little down in the dumps. So I jumped on the internet to find some bright and beautiful things to cheer me the heck up.

If you’re a little down I hope they do the same for you.

1. Sky – The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy.
2. Cheerful 5×7 – Karen Fields Gallery.
3. Cat Eats Chicken – Claire Voyant Crush.
4. Autumn – Larry Carlson Studio.
5. Origami Valentine – Paper Altar.
6. Hello Sunshine postcard – Studio Froezel.