All About Envelopes (with Miranti)

Picture this… you pen your loved one/bestie/mama the cutest note written on the most darling note card. Then… you chuck it into a standard white envelope. Oh dear.

It just doesn’t seem right does it?

But have you noticed that there are actually some crazy-gorgeous envelopes out there at the moment? Long gone are the days when envelopes were the plain Jane bit of paper that housed the star of the show. Envelopes are the bomb! They come with lovely illustrations, to-die-for lining, and beautiful bold colours. Now your addressee can be wowed before they even open your darling note.

2. Color Creations By Riri
3. Lou Tinen Events
4. Dovetail Design
5. Bespoke Letterpress

Perhaps the best thing about gorgeous envelopes? They’re super easy to DIY! Here are some fantastic tutorials I’ve come across in my travels. Put your own flair to your custom creation and provide a love note experience to remember!

Heart button & string-tie envelope

Red + Gold envelopes

Security pattern business card envelopes

Fall envelopes + free printable

Printable cooking envelope

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