Friday Five With Esther Stanford

Friday is here and boy-oh-boy did it sneak up on me this week! Today we’re chatting with Esther Stanford from Paragraph Cove.
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What do you enjoy the most about working with paper?

I love the portability of paper. I usually have a bag full of paper scraps, india ink, glue sticks, Japanese masking tape and my favorite pens. I can grab my bag—aka portable studio—and head to a friend’s house, coffee shop or wherever my heart desires. Sometimes I create my best work outside of my studio space. I think it has something to do with less pressure and a change of scenery.

What drew you to working with paper originally?

I’ve always loved the many textures of paper. I’m a very tactile person. When shopping or foraging for paper materials the imagery is often secondary to the weight and feel. I love sitting down with a pile of scraps and a blank page; adding, subtracting, pasting and peeling until my fingers are sticky—and the piece is complete.

What’s your favourite season?

I’m a big fan of autumn. I love wearing lots of layers with a chunky scarf. I love bright yellow leaves against overcast skies. I love drinking hot cocoa curled up with my cat, Ramsey.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my surroundings. I live three blocks from the beach on the Oregon coast. Everyday I’m overwhelmed by the landscape and wildlife, whether I’m watching a storm roll in or a deer grazing in my backyard. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to live here!

Out of all the pieces you’ve created, what’s your favourite?

My favorite piece is an encaustic called Peg & Joe I made a couple years ago. You can view it here on my blog. The piece is an image transfer of a found photo. I’m intrigued by body language and facial expressions of this couple as they embrace. I’d like to think that something is going on under the surface.

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