The Art of Maud Vantours

I am in awe of the amazingly beautiful paper work by French artist Maud Vantours. Her work is multi-layered paper cut perfection and has been used in editorials, advertising and set design for a number of luxury brands. I really like how fluid shapes become when layers are involved. It’s interesting to note the use of different coloured card stock to provide the 3D equivalent of shading.

(Image source: Maud Vantours)

Classic Vintage Posters

These cool vintage style prints caught my eye the other day while I was shopping on The Home. I absolutely love the style, illustrations and typography – they just look classic – and they’re on SALE!

(I swear I need to tack on another room to this house so I have enough wall space to hang my ever growing art collection. My own art gallery!)

1. Bally A2 Print.
2. Vinos A2 Print.
3. Absinthe A2 Prints.
4. Porto A2 Print.