15 nice, bright offices

I have a problem. I’m addicted to Pinterest. I could spend days and days and days pinning things that inspire me. I’m a visual person so curating boards is like heaven for me.

While on Pinterest I’ve been amassing a collection of my favourite offices and creative spaces. Today I give you 15 of the loveliest, most inspiring office setups using the classic combination of black and white. (Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!)

Home office love

I spend sooooo long in my home office. As a writer, I’m glued to my chair most days (I’m trying to finish writing my book as well as tackling client work!) so it would come as no surprise that I like to escape to other, cleaner, tidier places when I’m creatively blocked. For me, that means drooling over pics of gorgeous home offices. (Perhaps I should confess now that I’m equal parts paper nerd and office porn forager? To me, they go hand-in-hand.)

I like my office. When it’s cleaner I’ll take a pic and show you my natural habitat. Until then you’ll have to make do with my ten favourite home office boards (as found on Pinterest)!

» I’ll have an office that is cool when I go to Law School – Shelby Dodson
» Work*Space – Sharna Richardson
» Interior Design Home Office/Working Space – Didi Kasa
» A Place to Create – Inspire & Style with Vintage
» Organize that Home Office – Stephanie Therien
» Office I Dream Of – Emma Banfield
» Office Love – Domenica
» Work area / space, office room, inspiring corner… you name it! – Bábs
» Somewhere to Create – Kim Petana
» Studio Spaces – Emmaline Bailey

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1. Eeek! Can’t find the credit for this one
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