Instagrammer of the week #033 – Writing a Letter

If you’re a fan of snail mail you’re going to love Amanda’s (from Writing a Letter) Instagram feed. All the pictures of pretty, decorated mail inspires me to catch up on my letter writing. Are you a fan of letter writing too?

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Send some snail mail

I really love getting letters in the mail. I even have a few pen pals scattered around the world. While plain white paper and plain white envelopes are good, these lovelies are so much better! (Hey write to me and I’ll write you back! Address is at the top right of the page).

clockwise from the top
#1 – Letter Writing Kit by Ask Alice
#2 – Pink Vintage Tea Set Writing Paper by Bella Stationery
#3 – Boombox by Black Bird and Peacock
#4 – Pink Spots and Stripes by An April Idea

Snail Mail My Email – you *must* do this!

I literally squealed when I came across this link. If you’re a fan of getting/sending mail, you’re going to love it too.
There’s nothing better than going to the letterbox and seeing a handwritten, stamped envelope amongst all the bills and junk mail. Unfortunately letter writing is a dying practice 🙁 The Snail Mail My Email project is perfect for time poor souls that want to send someone a letter but can’t muster the strength to lick a stamp.

All you need to do is:

  • Pick a person you want to send a letter to.
  • Type up an email message (100 words max) and include the recipient’s physical mailing address.
  • Include a custom option like; a doodle, a flower petal, a spray of perfume / cologne, a lip stick kiss or even suggest your own.
  • Send your email to

The dedicated team of letter writers at Snail Mail My Email will handwrite your message and send it to your friend, for free! Free!
The catch is, you’ve only got until August 15th so hop to it!

(Found via The Benevolent Postcard Society)