Objects of Devotion

I was introduced to Jeanne Berg’s work back in February when she sent me an email (thanks Jeanne!). She creates beautiful collage pieces under the Magpie Workshop label. I was immediately struck by how serene and peaceful they look and have been saving them for a day like today.

I really love how Jeanne describes her work –

“I love paper too – or more specifically the cutting and pasting of it. For the last two years or so, I’ve been busily collaging luggage tags, match boxes, notebooks and most recently mini canvases. Most are peopled by my favorite Renaissance figures. I love being able to re-imagine them with birds and flowers and maybe the odd toadstool. I like to think of them as steadfast companions whether they mark a page in a book, are tucked in a coat pocket or watch over me from a place on the wall.”

1. Pocket Madonna Shrine.
2. Bookmark art tag – Flora.
3. Fleur.
4. Mademoiselle Riviere.