Music lyrics poster style

Rounding out this week’s music-themed posts are these super sweet lyric posters. I’ve talked about my love of lyric posters before. I love this kind of art because it speaks to two parts of the soul – they look pretty of course but they can also be poignant. With lyrics, good lyrics, all they need is a fancy new font coat and a pretty picture in the background and you’re set.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s music posts. Keep an eye out for my first Ford Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge post!

1. Styx – Come Sail Away by Defiant Feather.
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd by Raw Art Letterpress .
3. Lifehouse by I Create Design Candy.
4. Lola by the Kinks by Peanutoak Prints.
5. Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra by Music Concept Posters.

Rockstar portraits

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying this week’s music-themed posts. I’ve had lots of fun preparing them. Today we’re dipping a toe into the rockstar portraits pool. Ahhh fan art. Some of it is brilliant. Some of it is a little scary. Here are 8 awesome examples of fan love.

1 Sam Beam by Artwork by Mallory // 2 David Bowie by Jen Kiddo // 3 John Lennon by Working Woman // 4 Prince by Scott Laumann // 5 Jim Morrison by Reimagination Prints // 6 Freddie Mercury by Pagazine // 7 Johnny Cash by The Devil Strip // 8 Kurt Cobain by Adelle Ink

23 gig posters that rock!

I’ve always been a fan of gig posters. I think my first exposure to them was on the old brick walls of the Fremantle Woolstores when I used to ride past on the bus. I loved their bright flash of fluro paper (it was the 80’s yo) and the stories the images conveyed about the band and their music. These posters captured my attention in an instant which is exactly what a good gig poster should do. But it’s only when you stop and take a better look that you really appreciate the artistry of the medium.

1 Radiohead by Bruce Young // 2 Dave Mathews Band by Landland // 3 Beastie Boys by Emek // 4 Öge, Bilal & Lu by Zwölf // 5 Pearl Jam by Chris Shaw // 6 Detroit Cobras by Cricket Press // 7 Wilco by Alvin Diec // 8 The xx by Alvin Diec // 9 Bob Dylan by Ken Taylor // 10 The National by Sarah Wood // 11 Gogol Bordello by Sarah Wood // 12 Passion Pit by Nerl Says Design // 13 Tokyo Police Club by Nerl Says Design // 14 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros by Cyrille Rousseau // 15 The Decemberists by Zeloot // 16 Still Talking by Colin Gillespie // 17 Menomena by Andy Vastagh // 18 Nada Surf by Made For Ending // 19 Spyglass Gypsies by Green Peas for Breakfast // 20 Invincible Kids by Landland // 21 Sonic Youth by Zeloot // 22 Youth Lagoon by James Lloyd // 23 Gotye by Doe Eyed