It’s Monday which means it’s….

time to share some new Notebooks!

For all of you suffering from the same affliction as I (collectomania notebookaholica), I give you this week’s bounty. If you get bored (hey, it is a Monday) why don’t you share how many blank notebooks you’ve stashed for a rainy day?

Steph Says Hello
Letter Love Designs
Fanciful Pages
Teals Prairie


I’ve got some very pretty notebooks to share with you on this very wintery Monday afternoon. They come all the way from Portugal and were created by Raquel and João from Arminho. Very pretty, don’t you think?

Twenty Fingers

These beautiful notebooks are made by Yuriy and Katerina (a.k.a. Twenty Fingers) from Siberia which is awesome in itself really. They get inspiration from their small town that is surrounded by forests. How delightful!

Unfortunately (for me) they ship all over the world, except Australia, which is a little sad but understandable. So for the rest of you buy some of these gorgeous notebooks and let me know how great they are!

(btw isn’t the product styling awesome?! Love it.)

1. Maple. // 2. Leaf. // 3. Paw. // 4. Ursa Major. // 5. Garden. // 6. Spruce.

Molli & Mimi

My little sis and I were wandering through Target today when I spied some pretty sweet office accessories. The colours are fab, the patterns are delish and, to be honest, it was really lucky that we didn’t have a trolley because I would have loaded that thing up!

Keep your eyes peeled for these pretties – I have a feeling that they will be snapped up pretty quickly!

1. Molli & Mimi B5 Soft Cover Notebook – Floral .
2. Molli & Mimi Covered Stackable Document Tray – Black.
3. Molli & Mimi Textured A6 Notebook – Pink.
4. Molli & Mimi Pen Cup Cloth – Black.
5. Molli & Mimi Embossed A5 Notebook – Black.
6. Molli & Mimi Covered Document Drawer – Pink.
7. Molli & Mimi Embossed Matt Pencil Pouch – Pink.
8. Molli & Mimi Woven Texture iPad Case.
9. Molli & Mimi Covered Magazine File – Black.

Paper Geek MY

OK the site is back up – yay! Unfortunately the site was under a DDOS attack but I’ve been told everything is alright with it all so here I am.

I am so close to being finished the Festive paper book. It has taken longer than I had expected but I think it’s looking pretty good. Make sure you sign up to receive your copy first.

I have been trawling through a number of sites lately but I came across Paper Geek MY and gasped. Their notebooks are to die for! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

1. Passport Size Refillable Leather Journal.
2. Pack of 4 Journal Refills Notebook Refills .
3. 62 pages Drawing Album.
4. Refillable Leather Journal.

Noteable notebooks

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my notebook addiction on the blog before. I can’t even tell you how many notebooks I have – there’s too many to count! So, I guess I really shouldn’t be sitting here searching for pretty notebooks should I? No. Hmmm Well there’s nothing stopping you from having a look, right?

#1 – Paper Cranes by Bespoke Letterpress
#2 – Mini Journal – Chevron Stripe by Wit & Whistle
#3 – Lets Sail With Seals by Mossery Co
#4 – Follow the White Rabbit by Season Paper
#5 – A6 Patten Journal by Typo
#6 – Enjoy notebooks by kikki.k

Serena Olivieri

Serena Olivieri
Serena Olivieri
Serena Olivieri
A few months ago the talented Serena Olivieri sent me an email with a link to her blog and I was blown away. Her notebooks are stunning and they’re even more impressive when you realise that she makes everything from the binding to the illustrations. Amazing stuff.

I’m just sorry I didn’t post about Serena sooner! She’s opened an Etsy store so have a look through – I have my eye on this piece of loveliness!