The perfect, precise art of paper engineer Matt Shlian

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Matt Shlian is a paper engineer and has been commissioned by everyone from Apple to BBDO to Queen Rania of Jordan. His work is perfect. With each sharp, precise fold his pieces marry art and science. “I use my engineering skills to create kinetic sculpture which have lead to collaborations with scientists at the University of Michigan. Researchers see paper engineering as a metaphor for scientific principles; I see their inquiry as basis for artistic inspiration. In my studio I am a collaborator, explorer and inventor.”

Another Sort of Infinity

Ara 150


Ara 117 Silver

Find out more about Matt’s process.

(All images sourced from Matt Shlian)

In the Spotlight: Beetlebomb Everlasting Handmade Blooms

I’m introducing a brand new feature on Pretty Paper Things today called In the Spotlight. Each month I’ll be highlighting a new paper loving store. If you’re a designer/stationery creator/zine maker/paper lover with a store and you want to be involved read on for details.

Today we’re catching up with Sarah Pollheim who is writing about her business Beetlebomb Everlasting Handmade Blooms.

“Beetlebomb Everlasting Handmade Blooms originated as a hobby around the time of my 1st wedding anniversary when creating an origami, ie paper fold, lady beetle for my Husband. Paper is the traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary gift and since my husband and I have shared a fascination for lady beetles the folded beetle seemed fitting. The finished product of four interesting origami beetles framed and placed on our wall inspired interest in paper folding, and the desire to do something with this. From there flowers somehow evolved.

I started the business in 2010 when I began making folded paper flowers for Christmas presents and the response was more than pleasing. From there Beetlebomb just flourished.

Steadily the business is growing with interest. Since the creation of the first anniversary gift to my husband, family, friends and strangers have not only provided encouragement but followed through with steadily increasing orders. My background in Architecture and Interior Design has given even more solid understanding into colour, design and creation. I continue to apply my skills through my blooms and I love seeing and hearing the joy people get from my creations!”

Beetlebomb’s blooms can be found at where a range of single stems, bunches, topiary, Wedding bouquets, commercial display flowers are available. You can also find Beetlebomb on Facebook.

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