Pretty quilled earrings

Did you know that paper is the traditional first anniversary gift? It’s supposed to symbolise modest beginnings, newness and simplicity which is what the first year of marriage is like (or so I hear). I like the idea of a paper gift; some of my favourite gifts have been things like heartfelt, handwritten letters, tickets to a show and books.

Despite its simplicity, paper can be magical, as these beautiful quilled earrings show.

Quilled Earrings

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The world of M.E.S.H.

The world created by

, a Danish paper artist, freelance designer of haute couture fashion accessories jewellery and interiors, is soft and ethereal, full of ruffled petals and textured layers that cascade to the ground or down the body. While a lot of the work she shares online are large format installations, she also has an amazing eye for detail. Her small, refined pieces – which she describes as jewellery/garment hybrids have been worn by A-listers, fashionistas and ballerinas. Regardless of the format, whether big or small, her work exudes a certain softness – a dreaminess that makes you want just to nestle in between the petals to sleep.


(All images sourced from Marianne’s website)