Moon Garden Art

We are in the depths of winter down here. While we may not have snow, we do have some very chilly mornings. I think we should celebrate winter… of course I’m saying that from the comfort of my heated office, wearing three layers and a pair of Ugg’s.

I think this gorgeous circular prints from Moon Garden Art celebrate art. What do you think?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Bringing the bokeh

Today I’m looking at bokeh.

In Japanese bokeh means blur or haze which is kinda self evident when you look at the examples below.
Personally I really like the effect because there is a softness to it. It strips away parts of a photograph leaving the focal points behind. It also reminds me of when I was a kid and I squinted at lights on buildings at night to turn them into fairy lights (something I learned from Mum).

What do you think of bokeh?

1. Bree Madden.
2. Carolyn Cochrane.
3. Chelsea Victoria.
4. Ti Amo Foto.
5. Pop Pop Photography.
6. Lawson Images.

Moody hues

Do you ever have an overwhelming desire to totally switch out all the art that is hanging in your home? It must be a seasonal thing. As we down here tiptoe through autumn and onto the winter months I’m feeling less flowery and more moody seascape.

Do you get the moody winter blues or do you embrace single digit ℃’s with open (but cold) arms ?

1. Black and white abstract – Paul Maguire Art.
2. Mockingbird Mud Art – Stacey A Fleming.
3. Darkness – Margaret Lillian.
4. Rainy window – Dull Blue Light.