Adventure time

We went for a drive into the hills over the weekend and saw the gorgeous tulips at Araluen Botanical Park. Spring is everywhere, all around us, at the moment. From the new shoots on our grape vine to the warm easterly breeze that carries the smell of the bush into my office window. It’s my favourite season.

I thought these prints by Beloved & Co summed up our little weekend escape.

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Help Ink

Have you heard about Help Ink? It’s a collaborative project that offers part proceeds from the sale of art to go to various charities. I think it’s a freaking brilliant idea! The art they offer – from designers like Mary Kate McDevitt, Gemma Correll and Jessica Hische – looks pretty outstanding too.

So, thanks to Help Ink, you can feel good about giving while staring lovingly at some new designy wall goodness. Win win!

Capable by Liz Meyer
Bee Kind by Robert Zangrillo
Be a Light by Samantha Kallis

Classic Vintage Posters

These cool vintage style prints caught my eye the other day while I was shopping on The Home. I absolutely love the style, illustrations and typography – they just look classic – and they’re on SALE!

(I swear I need to tack on another room to this house so I have enough wall space to hang my ever growing art collection. My own art gallery!)

1. Bally A2 Print.
2. Vinos A2 Print.
3. Absinthe A2 Prints.
4. Porto A2 Print.

Fifi du Vie

Nothing is real but dreams and love screenprinted poster – Fifi du Vie.

Everyone knows the adage about keeping things simple, right? A simple message conveyed by a simple design can be really powerful. It’s amazing what a few simple words can do for the soul.

Izabella from Fifi du Vie creates beautiful works of art, based on the simplest of sentences. And she does it so well. Have a look at her lovely creations at her Etsy store.