Printable notes and to-do sheet


Got a lot on your mind? You need to write it down. A surefire way to improve productivity is by writing all the things you need to do down. It clears cognitive clutter so your brain is free to work on things that are really important. You can grab this printable bundle from Happy Mail Day.

Old English Company – notepads

Are you a list maker? I think lists are so important for productivity. It’s really hard to be efficient when you’ve got a bajillion tasks floating around inside your brain. My motto is – write them down to get them done. Of course, you’ll need a pretty notepad to write all your to-dos on, right? These ones are from Old English Company.

Old English Company
Notes Floral notepad

Old English Company
Skills Bills notebook

Old English Company
A5 Important Things Notepad

Old English Company
Brilliant Ideas notebook

FREEBIE – My to-do list template

I don’t know about you but I am a big list maker. I start the week off with a brand new to do, and while I don’t always get all the way through my list, it does help to relieve some stress. The more to-do lists I create, the less my brain has to remember, and that is a big win.

This is the template I use when creating my to-do list each Monday. It’s an A4 PDF file and you can download it here. Go forth and make lists!

The To-Do List

Poketo – Desk-It Weekly Calendar

Have you used Teux Deux? If you’re a fan of to-do lists, you’ll love it. It’s simplicity and lovely design are the main reasons I use it. I’ve often thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a Teux Deux style pad for offline to-doing” and guess what? They have! Poketo have released the Desk-It Weekly Calendar and it’s all kinds of lovely. You can write your list, tear it out of the pad and stick onto your monitor, wall, fridge – wherever! Super handy.