My favourite wedding invitations (of the moment)

I’ve spied a lot of gorgeous wedding suites on Pinterest lately. I’ve been really drawn to invitations that feature handwritten or scripty fonts in gold and rose gold foil. When they are set against darker backgrounds the words pop off the page.

Floral flat lays also seem to be popular at the moment too. I’ve seen a lot of designers are using big, full blooms and deconstructed botanicals. The result is a design that is both striking and distinctive.

Have you seen any wedding invitations that have caught your eye lately? Leave the details in the comments below.

wedding_sept01Dick and Jane Letterpress

wedding_sept06Goodheart Design

wedding_sept05Lilac & White

wedding_sept04Pirrip Press


wedding_sept01Beacon Lane

Wedding Wednesday – Ian Collins

Absolutely gorgeous wedding suite made by very clever (and hands-on) bride (Christine) and groom (Ian). It was designed and made using a home printer and a rented laser cutter/engraver. Very crafty and fun.

I love the idea of giving guests a field guide showing flora and fauna in the area where the wedding took place. Very cool idea. I also love the interactivity of the invitation where guests could pop up the trees to get into the spirit of a wedding in the woods.

11 gorgeous wedding invitations

How I do love looking at wedding invitations! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my favourites.

This round-up has a real international feel with designers hailing from far flung places around the globe like Vietnam, India, Romania and even Indonesia. It’s nice to know that the language of love is celebrated so beautifully all over this big, beautiful planet.

1. A Drim Design // 2. Natalie Diaz // 3. Wedding Paper Divas // 4. Green Wedding Shoes // 5. Raxenne Maniquiz // 6. // 7. Cempaka Surakusumah // 8. Dung Tran
// 9. Anthony Gregg // 10. Maheswari Janarthanan // 11. Greg Coulton //

You are gold (gold)!

Did you know that Gold by Spandau Ballet is my karaoke jam? No? Now you do.

Have you noticed there is quite a bit of gold action going on at the moment? I love it. I think it looks super classy. What do you think?

1. Celeste – Bella Figura.
2. Laser Cut Lace inspired Wedding Invitation – Atelier Isobey.
3. Foil and Laser Cut Chandelier Wedding Invitations – Atelier Isobey.
4. Printable Wedding Invitation Designs by Laupsy.
5. Wedding Punk Heart Pinata O With Double Dots.
6. Gatsby Wedding Invitations – Yellow Door Creative (photo by Love Like Weddings).
7. 5 x 7 Gold Envelopes – Squish n Chips.
8 100 x Sweetheart of Gold Glitter Seals – Red Elephant Creative.