This is insomnia

I’m having such a hard time sleeping lately. It’s the worst feeling when you really need sleep but you can’t make your brain stop whizzing and whirring. I’m at day 3 of sleeplessness and these images speak to me.

#1 – Stars Over Home by Mojave Photography.
#2 – Tornado – Half Awake Series by Erin Tyner
#3 – Still Awake by Lindsay Bolin
#4 – Moonlight by Tubidu Graphics
#5 – Night Circus by Butterscotch and Beesting.

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  1. Brandi Powell February 8, 2013

    That is terrible. I have that once in a while for one night but I usually get relief the next night. Hope you get some relief very soon!

    xoxo – Brandi

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