Australiana – Australia Day round-up part 2

Less than a week ’til the big day! All the cars in my suburb are being adorned with Aussie flags (you know the ones you tack onto your car window) and the local kids are plastering themselves with temporary tattoos and green and gold hair paint. Soon, soon it will be Australia Day.

I’ve just been told that the pavlova is my responsibility this year (eeeeek) so I’m a little freaked out but you can’t really go wrong with meringue and whipped cream, right?

#1 – Screen Print Pop Art Poster – G’Day by Mister Edwards Novelty Emporium.
#2 – Straya Card by Milly and friends.
#3 – Superb Fairy Wren Margin.
#4 – Vegemite Large Print by Pea Press.
#5 – Koala A4 Print by Depeapa.