Beautiful watercolours by Yao Cheng

I wanted to share these beautiful watercolur prints with you on this sunny Wednesday morning. Yao Cheng is from Columbus, Ohio and she started her design studio in 2012 after working in the fashion industry. She says that she has always had a fondness for creating beautiful works of art. “Painting and drawing has always been an extension of who I am. Ever since my mom took me to my first drawing class at the age of 3, I knew this was it. This has remained the best and most enjoyable way for me to connect with the world.”

Yao’s work is so beautiful. I’m captivated by the Santorini print below. Be sure to check out Yao’s Etsy store too.

Beautiful watercolours by Yao Cheng

Beautiful watercolours by Yao Cheng

Beautiful watercolours by Yao Cheng
Floral Movement in Orange

JooJoo Paper

Aren’t these cards and prints by Afsaneh Tajvidi’s JooJoo Paper simply beautiful? The illustrations are stunning, especially the florals. Here’s what she says about her inspiration – “I am a big believer in finding joy in simple pleasures of life and sharing them with others. It can be as simple as finding a pretty autumn leaf on the ground or trying a new fruit for the first time. I love to create the kind of art that celebrates these joyful little things.”

Underwater themed art – perfect for kids’ rooms

We’ve always looked to the sea for decor inspiration (especially for kids’ rooms). I think this is because ocean and underwater themed art gives a room extra serenity and if there is one thing nurseries or kids rooms need it is serenity.

What do you think about an under-the-sea theme for kids room decorating? Are you a fan?

Irish Shells

16 Bean Studio

My Little Crazies

Cobble Stone Studio

Kayla Conyer

Art Tour

The art of Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire is an artist from Sheffield in the UK. I was initially drawn to his black and white abstracts (no surprises there) but after browsing through his portfolio, his work with oil an acrylic are equally as expressive and bold. Check out some more of Paul’s art on his website and pop over to his store to grab a giclée reproduction of his beautiful work.

The art of Paul Maguire

The art of Paul Maguire

The art of Paul Maguire

130430 (storm ii)

The art of Paul Maguire

The art of Tyler Feder

I am so utterly jealous of the art created by Tyler Feder (available via her Etsy store Roaring Softly). How is it fair for one person to have so much talent?! Argh!

I like Tyler’s work for many reasons, not least of which is her apparent love of Gilmore Girls and Mindy Kaling (both are faves of mine too). She creates art that speaks about empowerment, acceptance of all and the amazing things that we, as a society, can do if we all pull together. It’s important for artists like Tyler to share their messages with the world because art has the ability to unify, where words can fall short.

Be sure to check out Tyler’s store and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

We Were Seeds

Strong As Hell

Conversations with Mindy Kaling

Nevertheless We Persist

Mesmerising paperweights

I’ve always been captivated by paperweights. I love how their vivid colours and shapes are suspended in a perfect moment. I guess they are becoming obsolete now, what with the push for the paperless office, but function isn’t everything. They will always be lovely to look at.

#1 – JA Glassworks
#2 – Toe River Studio Glass
#3 – Mystery of Venice
#4 – JA Glassworks
#5 – Hansen Art Glass
#6 – Glass is Greener |

Inspirational women in science by Rachel Ignotofsky

I’ve written about the stunning work of Rachel Ignotofsky before. She creates beautiful illustrations, many with sciency themes like this desert ecosystem print or this anatomy of a flower. Rachel recently released new artand a new book – celebrating the groundbreaking work of women in science. These world-changing women are perfect role models for aspiring young scientists and it is so great that artists like Rachel remind us of their legacy and the paths they paved for us.

Rosalind Franklin – the chemist who discovered the structure of DNA.

Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman and first civilian to fly in space.

Jane Goodall – world renowned primatologist, conservationist and ethologist.

Amanda Marino’s Celestial Creations

I’m mesmerised by these prints from Amanda Marino. Space certainly has a way of making us feel so very small. I love the descriptions Amanda uses to. I think this one – for her print of Jupiter’s Moons – is really beautiful.
“Sometimes when problems come and they try to take my peace from me, I sit and I pay attention to everything around me. Then, I remember … I’m a tiny little creature that we call it “human”, on a floating space rock, surrounded by many other floating space rocks, in a very VERY distant place form the next universe. And yet, the Creator made all of this for me? What’s there to worry about? When you look at this art print I want you to be reminded that sometimes, things are not in our control but they always end up the way they were meant to.”

Check out Amanda’s beautiful work.

Moon Phases


Jupiter’s Moons

The Art of Em Somerville

I’ve been following Em Somerville on Instagram for quite a while now (you might know her as @lickmycupcakes and @emsomervilleillustration) and I’ve always admired her very unique sense of style. I found out recently that she is selling her art online and is taking commissions for new work which is yay-worthy. I don’t know that quirky is the best word to describe her art – it is, I guess, but it doesn’t feel like it’s deliberately quirky. The internet is full of art that is very same same and quirky for quirky’s sake but Em’s work stands out and that is a very good thing. Make sure you check out her shop and follow her on Instagram.

My only hope – Princess Leia

You said I’d never be able

In through the out door, out door

The perfect, precise art of paper engineer Matt Shlian

Hi paper nerds! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had lots of problems with my web host over the past few weeks but I believe everything is back in working order now. Whew! If you can suggest another hosting company that I can switch to leave a comment!

Now, lets get back to the good stuff…

Matt Shlian is a paper engineer and has been commissioned by everyone from Apple to BBDO to Queen Rania of Jordan. His work is perfect. With each sharp, precise fold his pieces marry art and science. “I use my engineering skills to create kinetic sculpture which have lead to collaborations with scientists at the University of Michigan. Researchers see paper engineering as a metaphor for scientific principles; I see their inquiry as basis for artistic inspiration. In my studio I am a collaborator, explorer and inventor.”

Another Sort of Infinity

Ara 150


Ara 117 Silver

Find out more about Matt’s process.

(All images sourced from Matt Shlian)

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