Parada Creations

We southern hemisphere folks are smack bang in the middle of winter. We don’t really see a lot of bad weather here in Perth. We have blue skies most of the time actually. It has been chilly lately but that’s nothing that a warm shower or a mug of milo won’t fix.

If you’re somewhere bleaker I think these prints from Parada Creations will help to brighten your day. And for those of you enjoying the warm summer sunshine, you can never have too much brightness, right?

1. Dreamcatcher Giclee Print “THE DREAMCATCHER – No.1” Giclee Print.
2. The Dishes Will Wait – Kitchen Print.
3. Sunflower.
4. Woodland Nursery Mushrooms.

Alexa Z Designs

I was so lucky to get two lovely prints sent to me from Lex at Alexa Z Design. I’ve actually been a fan of her work for a little while so I was pretty stoked when I got the two prints pictured below to add to my ever growing art collection.

The Floral Ampersand is on my desk because I am gaga about ampersands. The Expect Great Things – Chalkboard Quote is sitting on one of my bookcases. I’m definitely going to need to get some more frames for some more of Lex’s lovely work! Thank you so much for sending them to me Lex! xx

The images pictured can be found at Alexa Z Design. They are Floral Ampersand and Expect Great Things – Chalkboard Quote.

Johnny Two Tone Club

Today I’m introducing you to the simple brilliance of Johnny Two Tone Club which is a creative collaboration of Aussie artists who enjoy the screen printing process.

Totally adore the International Walkman Day posters, which reminds me, I’m sure I have my walkman around here somewhere. Might have to start rocking that mid-80’s look, right?!

Great job JTTC!

1. International Walkman Day risograph printed poster – Mix Mates.
2. International Walkman Day risograph printed poster – The Walkman Effect.
3. Hell Yeah Gocco Print – Set B.

Andy Singleton

I already mentioned on Facebook how totally gobsmacked I am by the work of Andy Singleton. He is one seriously skilled paper artist. This wee little birdy sculpture is just a small taste of the amazing things Mr Singleton creates (see more of his art here) and the best part is you can own it!

I’m really interested in how this little guy would ship. I’d love to open a package and see him sitting there. That would be pretty amazing.

Brotherfire – Even the Stars

I get such a kick out of seeing the artistic process behind the work of designers that I admire. Seeing what they do and the steps they take to create prints (or cards or any papery goodness) inspires me. It gives me hope that some of the manual processes of days gone will survive past this moment in time where we embrace technology too readily. True art, to me, is more than moving pixels around on a screen. Creating it means getting your hands dirty.

Christopher Harrell from Brotherfire provides the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Not only did he create this kick ass poster, but he also shares a video of his process. It provides an interesting look at what it takes to create a unique piece of art.

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